photo friday: art meets street

gary's flying seed pod

I was lucky enough to get a sneak preview of Gary Seaman's new solo show, River, at Espionage Gallery last night. I felt a little bit like I was seeing behind the magician's curtain, because when I got there Gary hadn't actually finished one of the pieces, and was still busily writing the prices on the wall when the doors opened.

I'd been squirreling money away in the side of my wallet for this show for a while, and had a decent amount saved up. And I spent it all.

I also bought a piece of "set decoration" right off the wall... but that's going to happen when the decoration is a painted vinyl toy!

It was one of the busiest shows I've ever been to at Espionage... not only were people essentially throwing money at Josh for Gary's work and there were more red dots on pieces than I think I've ever seen at one of their shows.

And I actually spoke to someone... someone other than people attached to the gallery... which was nice.

I also had some minor fanboy moments when I realised a couple of other street artists were in attendance... Matt Stuckey (who's dumpster was, in fact, the second piece of art I bought after Benzo's print) and Ankles...

There were also a few faces that I recognised, either from previous Espionage shows or else from other art related things.

you are beautiful gate

I had a little bit of a realisation this afternoon...well, not even a realisation, more of a reminder...

Sometimes things happen so that you can benefit directly... other times they happen so that you can help other people.

On Tuesday I missed out on getting one of the Colonel Light portraits that have been released from the art gallery... even though I waited around in town freezing my butt off for an hour.

But because I'd worked out the system of where they're being released, I was able to tell a friend of mine where to find the one that went out today.

And, to be honest, although I really, really liked the one I missed out on, I know that it meant more to my friend to get the one that she did than it would have meant to me to get the one earlier in the week.

So I'm going to chalk this one up in the "good karma" column...

stickers, pasteups and scribbles

Given both the gallery show and the two instances of escaping art, this week has felt very, very art orientated.

Plus I picked up the two pieces I bought from the previous Espionage show before I left the gallery...

I really do need to find some way to display all this art though... I did have a thought earlier tonight that may work... it could be completely impractical and may also be an indication that I've been reading DIY home decorator blogs for too long.

It would also involve me having to find a way to get very large things delivered to my house... so, yeah... not sure about that one.

sturt st udio

I also need to document all my artworks... I'm thinking either another blog... or maybe a static page on this one with photos of my art collection.

That'll require some thinking about...

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