cabaret: the lost fingers - lost in the eighties

adelaide cabaret festival - the lost fingers - lost in the eighties
It's impossible to see The Lost Fingers perform and NOT enjoy yourself.

It's impossibly not to smile and tap your feet to their catchy versions of classic 80's songs. And it's impossibly not to fall in love with one or more of the members of the band.

And what's not to fall in love with when you have three very handsome musicians... Christian Roberge, who can sing in French... Alex Morissette, who plays a double bass taller than he is... and Byron Mikaloff who does all the funny intros.

But they're also incredibly talented... all three of them make their instruments sing, and just watching their fingers as they play is amazing (I really need to see more things with double bass players though... there's something sexy about the way they're played).

All the classic 80's songs were there, all done in The Lost Fingers own jazz style... from Karma Chameleon to Enter Sandman... Pump Up The Jam (probably my favourite song of the night... since that's definitely MY 80's music) to You Shook Me All Night Long... Tainted Love to Samatha Fox's Touch Me... but occasionally so unrecognisable from their original forms that I only realised what they were once they got to the chorus.

I spent the whole show tapping my feet, clapping my hands and bouncing along to the music.

The Lost Fingers were a perfect end to our 2012 Cabaret Festival, and I can only hope they come back again!

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