chilly saturday shopping

the big chill
Is cold!

I have a hoodie, a scarf, trackpants, two pairs of socks, plus my quilt on me and my hands are still cold.

Today's been a bit of a random day...

All the usual things happened this morning... tidying, shopping, etc... and we didn't really have any plans, which was all a bit daunting given the fact that we have our last Cabaret show tonight at 9:30.

But Ma had already decided that she would go home this afternoon and come back this evening... which was probably the better idea than trying to fill in extra time.

Ma also wanted to go and look at a car she's planning to buy, although thankfully not with the intention of actually buying it today, she's going to take La Cousina's other half with her for that.

She wanted me to see it though... but m'eh, it's a car... I'm not really bothered beyond the colour.

It also seemed like I wasn't the only one who really wasn't bothered.  Not only did none of the sales staff really want to bother talking to us, the only one who did took a phone call part way through and wandered off. We left.

There was also a photography exhibit in Magill that we thought might be worth seeing, but when we got there the gallery didn't seem to be open, so we wandered around a little bit and went into one of the homeware stores around the corner.

Once we were done there, the gallery was open, so we had a look, then decided to wander down Magill Road and poke our noses in various homeware shops.

It's a weird collection of shops... the further away from the Nelson Street intersection you get the homewares shops seem to turn into antique shops of varying qualities.

We did have a poke around in one store which looks like it was originally a shopfront with a family house at the back.

There was some scary stuff in there... some interesting stuff too, and I very nearly bought an old medicine bottle that still had most of the original label on it... but it also seemed to have some of the original liquid in it too... plus I have nowhere to put it.

By this point it was around lunchtime and we nearly stopped at a homeware store that also had a cafe attached, but the only tables seemed to be out the back in the courtyard.

Instead Ma suggested we drive out to Pearl's Diner and have lunch there.

With it being later, we weren't as lucky getting a table this time around... there was a little bit of a wait, but not as much of a wait as some of the people who came in after us.

This time Ma went for a burger and I started to work my way through the sides menu. To be honest, I was craving a big bowl of mac and cheese for some reason, but unfortunately they only have it as a side. It was tasty enough though.

The other part of my meal was their Pork Bun... and clearly the Burger Theory/Pearl boys have a way with meat... because I'm generally not a huge fan of pork, but this stuff was the second most amazing thing I've ever tasted (their Texas chili being the most amazing). Seriously, if they put it on the menu by the bowlful I think I'd spend the rest of my visits alternating between that and the chili. Stu-pen-dous!

The chocolate milkshake was perhaps a little less chocolaty than last time, however I was a little miffed that the two guys who sat down behind us about 10 minutes after we sat down got their drinks before we did. In fact we didn't get our drinks until we'd finished out meals.

But that really was the only minor downside.

And that was pretty much the daylight portion of the day done... we came back here, Ma packed up her stuff and headed off, and I've been trying to stay warm and write this...

Ma's due back down here around 6:30, but I don't really know what we're going to do for dinner. I was thinking possibly that great chicken dish at the Village... not sure yet.

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