generic yet short shopping saturday

i love that he's shopping pretty much naked but is wearing his glasses
It was a pretty short shopping day today... it could have been longer, but Ma headed off to meet La Cousina's other half and buy her new car just after 12.

I skipped most of the usual tidying up part of the morning this morning due to getting engrossed in the last book in The Hunger Games saga (which I then finished this afternoon), but I was still ready to go by the time Ma got here.

Because it's the end of the month we also had to put up with the aisles of the supermarket being littered with staff doing the stocktake thing... it does baffle me a little that they can't do it before the store opens or after it closes.

It wasn't that bad today though.

After the usual unpackery we headed down to Arndale to pick up a couple of things and wander around a bit, then headed back here after a quick stop at the Village to pick up a couple of extra things... including some macarons which turned out to be quite tasty.

That really was it though... other than killing a little bit of time before Ma had to go and buy the car.

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