slightly flat saturday

hot deli shopping
I really don't know what's going on with me of late... more specifically on Saturdays.

On weekdays I manage to organise myself, go to work, move around all day, etc, all without getting unduly tired... but when Saturday rolls around, I get tired really quickly as well as being a little bit emotional in one way or another. I'm not sure whether one comes from the other or what... whether I get tired and that in turn affects my mood.

I'm not sure the emotional part really shows beyond the occasional big sigh, and this week wasn't as bad as last week when I was also annoyed about falling over... but I'm not a great fan of it.

Anyway, other than that there weren't any great differences to the normal routine. I did manage to change my bedding this morning, which is a feat unto itself given that weight and thickness of my mattress, even if I did resort to laying on the bed to fit the last corner of the fitted sheet.

Shopping was the same as always, although I haven't bought that much the last few weeks with one thing and another but mostly because I cleared my cupboards out before the whole "spineapalooza" thing and pretty much know what I have... and I also want to use up a bunch of the stuff in the freezer.

sa illustrated
Then after a bunch of fluffing about we headed into the city to see the SA Illustrated exhibition by Peter Drew and twelve other street artists at the Art Gallery.

I thought it was going to be within the exhibition and was more than happy to pay to get in just to see the thirteen interpretations of Colonel William Light's unfinished self portrait, but fortunately it was in the foyer area.

One by one the works are going to be taken down from the gallery and left in various places around the city for people to find... the odds of actually getting my hands on any of them is astronomically small... but it would be nice.

After we were finished in the Art Gallery we wandered off to the Mall for some very brief shopping, then headed back to my place with a brief detour to pick up my newly repaired jeans from the drycleaner.

Not very exciting really... but it is what it is.

I do need to lift my game for next weekend though since it's Ma's birthday extravaganza...

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