photo friday: wounded knee

it doesn't look a whole lot better now... i have a tiny bit of a crush on george, even if he is a villain
Today has been spectacularly bad.

It all started this morning when I essentially did a total faceplant on my way to the gym. And because I was heading down a ramp at the North Adelaide Village, and there are a lot of small, abrasive pavers used for streets in North Adelaide as opposed to big smooth pavers or relatively smooth concrete, and because I was wearing shorts, I tore the absolute living shit out of my knee, as you can see from the photo.

Okay, so not actually a faceplant... I injured my knee, the outside of my calf, my left hand where I landed on it (and by association I think I tweaked my shoulder). As you can imagine, I was not a happy boy.

Fortunately one of the trainers from the gym was right behind me when I did it (although I am starting to wonder, Matrix-style, whether I would have done it if she hadn't been there), and she picked up my water bottle and umbrella and said she'd fix me up (in a first-aid kind of way).

I think at that point I was pretty much running on shock and adrenaline, so I didn't feel that bad... even though my knee was bleeding and had developed a giant lump in about 30 seconds flat.

Eventually she patched me up the best she could with the available supplies, and I was still intending to do about half of my workout. Yeah, I don't know why the fuck I thought that was a good idea either! Essentially that lasted about five minutes until I started feeling the pain, so I called it a day and went home.

After talking to Ma on the phone, putting an icepack on my knee, removing the temporary dressing and realising that I don't actually own any grown-up items like antiseptic or bandages, I had to head around the back of the apartment to relight my water heater (it's that fucking southerly wind, I swear... every time the wind swings south, my heater packs up) before uttering a very long stringing together of the word "fuck" in various iterations as I got into the, thankfully hot, shower.

Once I was all freshly showered I patched my knee up with bandaids as best I could with the intention of heading out to the chemist for supplies as soon as I got to work.

This would have been fine, except for the fact that I get to work at 8am. There aren't any chemists open in the CBD (at least not the Rundle Mall part) at 8am. So that was a big fat waste of time.

As the day progressed, I kinda started feeling progressively crappier... but I think that was in large part due to a combination of this cold I already had plus how fucking hot and stuffy it was at work. All leaving work succeeded in doing was make me sneeze even more than I had been.

I do like the ladies from Better Health Pharmacy... there's a few times now that I've gone in going "this is the problem, I've found this, but WTF" and they give me better things. In this case, proper sticky dressings and some Betadine spray. I also bought some more Nurofen since I'd actually run out this week... and I think I'm really going to need it.

I can already tell I'm going to be as sore as all fuckery tomorrow morning.

I also got in touch with Tink to get my hair did next week before we go away (theflighttoMelbournewillbefinethereisnootheroption) which is awesome... and all things are fine with the baby (a girl) too which is likewise awesome.

I realised about three quarters of the way through the day that I actually have tickets for Holding The Man tonight. Of all fucking days! I'm going to force myself to go, because I still really want to... I'm just feeling sorry for myself and sore and annoyed and whatnot. But first I need to download tonight's episode of So You Think You Can Dance.

And on top of everything else, with all these governmental changes that happened today with the new Premier and the general reshuffle of everything, it's going to mean a buttload of work over the coming weeks.

There were a couple of small rays of light though... the first was discovering George on a wall in Gawler Place (actually I discovered half of George yesterday, the other half this morning)... and the other was coming home to find a "You have a parcel" (eBay impulse buy) note under my door... which I was doubly thankful for, since I was afraid that it was going to turn up while we were on holiday, which would have been a pain.

I'll tell you what though... next fucking Thursday cannot come soon enough!

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