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adelaide cabaret festival - the magnets - fraser, andy, nic, michael, james and steveWell, this year's Adelaide Cabaret Festival is off to a rollicking start thanks to Fraser, Andy, Nic, Michael, James and Steve from The Magnets!

But what's not to love about six sexy, talented gentlemen who perform their a cappella versions of well known songs. Especially when they do it with such energy and more than a dash of humour.

And the performance is purely a cappella... not a musical note that doesn't come out of somebody's mouth... which is almost impossible to believe given the skills of beatboxer Andy Frost... the man is amazing, and there's a whole section in the middle of the show that gives him the opportunity to show off exactly what he can do. Awesome!

My personal favourite Magnet was definitely Nic though... he's so cute and did a very funny bit introducing all of the other boys.

Our seats didn't turn out to be too bad... given that they were in the first row of the balcony, we had a nice view overlooking the stage... although it did seem like a very, very long way down, and I don't ever really have a problem with heights.

It's hard to pin down what my favourite song was, although their version of Poker Face was really good, even though I'm not generally a Gaga fan.

The only problem with the show (other than song of the audience participation stuff... with the singing and clapping and standing), is the same thing that's always wrong with the Cabaret Festival shows... they're only an hour long!

After the show, the boys were outside selling CDs and signing autographs... and not only did we end up getting the CD (and getting it signed by all six of them), but I also got both of our ticket stubs signed (which I wouldn't have thought of if I hadn't seen somebody else doing it).

Let's hope that the other shows live up to this standard!

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