sunny spring shopping saturday

kill shop killAnother productive shopping Saturday... almost a repeat of last week to be honest.

Except this time we were shopping for the other sister...

The morning was the regular routine, nothing newsworthy there... except the fact that Target have a range of little "For Dummies" books for $1 each, including one on Facebook and one on Twitter... not sure what they've got in them, but really, do we need more dummies on social media?

Anyway, once we were done with all that, we headed into the city to go and peruse the Pandora offerings at Myer.

Because, really, what do you get an 18 year old for their birthday these days?

We decided on one of the leather lariat style necklaces with a couple of beads on it... we started out with the necklace with gold tips and a couple of gold beads... then discovered the price was around $713... Holy freholy!

princess t's pandoraSo after a quick regroup and a phonecall to La Cousina we went with the silver tipped necklace and four silver beads (well, four silver and the one at the end is actually polished wood that you would swear was glass). It looked pretty good when it was done, even if I do say so myself.

Turned out that the whole thing was the price of just the gold tipped necklace.

And when the incredibly helpful and patient girl serving us boxed it all up and she put so much stuff in the bag with the necklace... including a "journal" with a soft leather cover and a jewellery cleaning cloth.

So big thumbs up for both Pandora and the lovely Ellie.

We wandered around looking for a card, then stopped off at the Burger Theory truck for some lunch (sadly they didn't have any beans left so we couldn't have the tortillas, but I was more than happy with the burgers).

Then we made a pointless detour to Kmart (their recent obsession with low prices has also had a corresponding drop in quality... which is saying something), then came back here where I struggled with both of the netbooks trying to update Office on Ma's and get the Norton renewed on mine.

I don't know what the fuck I did with mine, I either bought the wrong thing or something, because it just isn't working. So now I'm going to have to email them and it's all a big headfuck.

So not a particularly splendid close to that part of the day.

But after Ma left I briefly entertained a gentleman caller, which made me feel better... or at least made me forget about the Norton problem.

Now I'm going to make a steak sandwich...

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