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Today was a very different kind of Saturday... well, it was out of the ordinary anyway...

For Miss Oh's birthday this year, Ma and I bought her a digital camera, and to go along with that we said we'd take her out on a photo safari adventure.

Because Ma was bringing her down, I wandered off to do the shopping on my own. Essentially I only bought a few things... I think I've started gravitating towards the "shop as you need it" idea... or possibly it's the fact that I only really need to invent something for dinners on Tuesday and Wednesday... Monday is always the same, and I hit the shops Thursday and Friday.

Anyway... I finished shopping around the same time Ma was heading down, so it all worked out really well.

I couldn't get over how tall Miss Oh's gotten... not to mention how blonde. She's just turned 13, but she's very quiet and polite (little disturbing to think she's related to me)... and she laughs exactly like La Cousina.

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Ma had got it into her head about going to the Adelaide Gaol... fortunately I managed to talk her out of it somewhat, and instead we headed down to Port Adelaide (Miss Oh likes old things... go figure).

We pretty much just wandered around the old parts of Port Adelaide... I gave Miss Oh a few impromptu photography lessons as we went, or at least shared random ramblings with her.

She did really well too... I know she's used digital cameras before, and some of her shots were a little lackluster, but then so were some of mine.

Once we'd wandered around the Port for at least an hour and a half we decided to head down to Semaphore... mostly because we weren't really sure what else we wanted to do.

Semaphore didn't really last long, so I gave in to Ma's insistence about the Gaol...

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Turned out that Saturday is the only day that it's not actually open... so we didn't even bother getting out of the car, because the outside isn't really that inspiring.

We did stop nearby though, since there were some horses in a little paddock just up the road from the gaol. They may have been something to do with the police museum thing near by...

Normally I wouldn't have been bothered about getting close to the horses, but there was a sign up saying that they may bite... whether that was just there to cover everyone in the unlikely event they did bite or whether they actually were biters I'm not sure. We didn't stay long though.

Our next stop was Perrymans to get some lunch and then headed down to the paddocks with the horses by Lefevre Terrace to sit and eat out goodies... then we wandered over to look at the horses.

It must have been the day for strange horse behaviour though because there was more than a little bit of "ears back" posturing and some general horse weirdness... so we kinda kept our distance.

That was that really... not an overly long day, but interesting. And Ma called earlier to tell me that Miss Oh had enjoyed herself.

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