speedy mall saturday

supermarket through a fish eye lensWe originally had a whole different plan for today involving Miss Oh Livia... but that fell through. Thankfully, given the weather, it turned out to be a good thing.

Useful, but not terribly interesting overall.

After the usual routine, we headed down to Marion in my car (I really don't drive it enough, so it was good to give it a decent run there and back).

Other than looking in most of the same places we always look, our main objective was finding Ma a new outfit for an event she's going to next weekend. There really weren't that many options... everything was either too casual, just plain ugly or didn't fit right... sometimes all three.

We even had one of the women in Myer trying to help Ma find things (back off bitch, that's what I'm there for)... but unfortunately most of the clothes in that particular range were way too ugly and just not right.

She did point us in the direction of another section though, which turned out to have a top that fitted Ma where it needed to and hid the problem areas. So bonus there.

But that was about all we really did... other than coo over the puppies in the pet store... so damn cute.

It was a quick day overall really... we got back from the supermarket reasonably early and weren't at Marion that long.

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