uncertain saturday shopping

99c beansYou know what... I'm almost longing for the Christmas season to start so that we can actually have a purpose to Saturday shopping again... it's been very hit and miss beyond the grocery thing lately and I like it less.

And it was kind of doubly a problem today because Ma was going into the city this evening to Princess T's 18th Birthday party thing, so she stuck around for pretty much 10 hours.

That's a lot of hours to fill...

The usual supermarket thing was... usual. Although I did want to tell young Thomas who was our designated check-out chick that he had three big holes in his pants around the pockets. Teenagers... what's the deal.


After watching essentially a whole episode of Tabitha's Salon Takeover, we headed into the city. For no other reason than Ma wanted to look at some shoe store and get some makeup at The Body Shop... well, more accurately, get them to do her makeup before paying a seemingly ridiculous amount of money on three items.

We parked in Rundle Street, wandered all the way down to the Mall, then headed down Hindley Street to visit the Burger Theory truck in Leigh Street. I have to say that their burritos are very tasty, but very, very full of beans. Neither Ma and I could actually finish our burritos, they were just too much. Like I said, tasty though.

Then we pretty much wandered back along the Mall, stopped off to get a drink, and then back to the car.

When we got back we fiddled around a bit, then started looking at hotels for our Sydney trip at the end of next month. We're aiming to go back to the same hotel as last time, but when we checked out the website, it appears that they've had something of a makeover, at least in part, and now there seem to be three classes of rooms... Deluxe, Superior and Standard. But weirdly, when trying to book a room, they only seemed to have one room of each type available.


So Ma is going to try and call them tomorrow (or Monday) to see what the deal is.

It also turns out that Sculpture By The Sea has moved the opening date back a week, which would have been fine if we weren't going to be in Melbourne the previous Thursday, so we're going to have to be in Sydney for a full week and go to Sculpture on the opening day. That could end badly.

We are thinking about maybe heading over the bridge to Taronga Zoo one day, and I'd really like to head out to Newtown. So I think we'll be looking at bus and trains and whatnot... although I would kind of like to walk across the Harbour Bridge.

And then Ma went off to Princess T's 18th Birthday party thing... I don't know whether it's like a cocktail thing, or what... but I wasn't really interested in going. And T knew that... I think Ma said when she originally gave me the invite that T thought I probably wouldn't come but wanted to invite me anyway. Which sounds more convoluted than I think it is. It was a sweet gesture though.

But like I said at the top of this post, I kinda feel guilty that I don't really feel guilty about not going.

I didn't want to go, there wasn't really any expectation that I should of gone or had to go or anything... but at the same time... I dunno. I don't know that I really want to follow this particular thought all the way down it's rabbit hole though.

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