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Today was a much more successful shopping day...

Even if I did get distracted by The Sims 3 on my iPhone this morning and ended up running around like a headless chicken trying to get everything tidied up.

But other than that it was pretty much the regular Saturday morning routine... the shopping portion was a little light on, so I'm guessing there will be at least one day with week where I have no idea what the hell I'm doing for dinner.

After that I scooped up my SLR (just in case) and we headed off to Good Guys to get Ma a new printer. Essentially she needs one about as much as I do... I don't think she's used her previous one in the last 18 months.

Sadly the usual woman who serves us wasn't in, so we had to make do with some random dude (even though he matched the price that JB were selling them for, he let the price for the printer and cartridges sit at $100.45... she would never have done that... she didn't when I bought the netbook and software).

After that we headed into the city (it was too nice a day to go anywhere inside) to essentially catch up on all the things we didn't do last time.

And a very nice man who was leaving the car park we were about to go into gave us his parking ticket thing which still had three hours left on it... thank you Mr Man... greatly appreciated!

breakfast club cotton sweet shop
We started out at Diamonds and made a decision about a camera for Miss Oh for her birthday... I think we picked out something nice...

After that we went looking at Crumpler for a cute little camera case like the one I bought for my little digital. Sadly I'm currently very disappointed with their choices for accessories (iPads, cameras, etc)... so nothing really grabbed us.

Next up we stopped off at Spotlight to pick up some cross-stitch cotton for a Breakfast Club piece I have the pattern for. Annoyingly, when we went to look in Lincraft for fabric for it, it turns out that they sell their cotton for 10 cents cheaper... doesn't sound like a lot, but when you're buying 15 skeins... that's a whole $1.50!

We also stopped off at Blackebys Sweets, just because... and they had the English jelly that comes as a block rather than crystals... I have, in my youth, polished off a whole one of those things... so I couldn't resist.

burger theory of rundle street green homemaker
After that we made a quick stop at Diamonds to get a camera case (the woman who'd sold us the camera knocked $5 off the price of the case, so bargain there) and headed down to the Burger Theory truck which was lurking just off Rundle Street in Union Street.

Mmmmmm tasty hipster food truck food...

We both tried the #2 burger (with Australian pancetta, onion confit and Adelaide Blue cheese sauce)... salty but good. Since the only available seating was tiny and cardboard, so we wandered down to the parklands near where the car was to sit under a tree amongst the birdies and eat the burgers.

A very successful day all around really...

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