batwing battleground

bat on the wing celestial battlegroundOkay, so today was slightly trying...
  • I'm not sure why suddenly various people want to use a single piece of equipment during my workouts... on the days I don't use it I'm sure it sits vacant... and they only use it when I need it... very annoying.
  • One quarter of the team is in Fiji, half the team was delivering training... the last quarter was me, all on my own.
  • A lot of my projects are at that stage where there isn't a lot I can do with them, which meant there was a degree of thumb twiddling during the day.
  • It annoys me how "I want it this way" trumps logic if the person in question makes enough money.
  • Email support from Norton is... slightly trying... not helped by the fact that the form to request help isn't big enough to tell the whole story.
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