photo friday: thumb 'n' pony

thumbs up my little hangman
Do you know that until mid way through today, I'd totally forgotten that Monday is a Public Holiday.

Thankfully I remembered today and not, say, Monday...

This morning was not pleasant for going to work in... it was hammering down with rain when I left for work (it was so cold I had to get one of my scarves out) and I actually had to jump over the river that had formed in the gutter to get on board.

And then the bus was just dripping and leaking from just about every possible place... not so fun really.

And it was a busy day... but not a whole lot really got done. Sugarmonkey has gone off on leave for a month, so Rockchick and I tidied up his desk so we don't have to look at the big mess for a month... which then turned into getting out the Crisp Green Apple Pine O'Clean spray and giving his desk the once over...

Well, it beats doing actual work.

At lunch I took some photo proofs down to Paper String Plastic (today's photo choices are from the trip I made down there earlier in the week) and also paid for another 10 weeks of rental on my half a drawer.

It's also interesting hearing other people's reaction to the behaviour of somebody you've clashed with before... and even more so when at least three different people all say the same things about them without knowing it.

Also, I'm not really a numbers person, but I do love to fuck around in Excel with a graph!

Not bad on about four hours sleep...

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