photo friday: his and hers collars

lace red bow tie
Some his and hers collar action for today's Photo Friday... from one of the semi regular "ye olde" fashion displays they regularly have in Adelaide Arcade (I think they're by TAFE students).

I've been feeling a little out of my depth this week... or a little lost... or a little bit that it's all too fucking hard.

As a general note to both myself and the world at large, I give the following piece of advice:

Don't wear mesh underwear for a full day that involves any walking or sitting... it's not comfortable, and you end up with an ass that looks like a leg of ham (you know, with the criss cross pattern).

Speaking of underwear, I went and bought some at American Apparel at lunch... and I would have followed that up with lunch at the Burger Theory van, but the length of the line exceeded the time I had left on my lunchbreak... *sad face*

I've also made a habit of ignoring people I know this week... not on purpose (at least not the first time)... first I totally didn't even see tweetbuddy Peteski on my way to the bus stop last night (to be honest I'm still not sure if he was on the same side of the road as me, the opposite side or in a car), and this evening I ignored the trainer girly who did my last program as I was leaving the supermarket. Her I could have spoken to, she was smiling at me when I came out of the store, but I didn't immediately realise who she was, so the expression on my face didn't change, and it wasn't until I started to turn away I realised who she was.

And then I couldn't be bothered...

Have I mentioned recently that my life is monumentally dull?

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