photo friday: thoughts of spring

coastal colour amazon bloom
kangaroo paw sun papyrus
Spring has now officially sprung! The pair of pics on the left are from Sydney, the pair on the right are the Adelaide Botanical Gardens.

And in honour of the inherent Springness of Spring, I was all decked out in red today... red polo shirt, red Converse, red Crumpler bag...

In fact, I think Spring sprung a little too hard... I don't know if it was the Springness and sunshine or the fact it was Friday or whether H-San's final day before holidays... but the few of us that were around all got a little bit crazy in the afternoon.

I also had one of the best lunch breaks for a while... very relaxing and pleasant. And I kinda have to thank H-San for it... he went off slightly early to get some food and came back with the most awesome looking roll. So I went off to the same place, got exactly the same roll (double-cut, ham, cheese, tomato, lettuce and onion... except mine was brown), then wandered down to Victoria Square, sat in the sun with my roll and my Iced Coffee and played with my phone. Bliss.

I've also had an odd time with parcels and the ordering of things... I got the time difference between here and New York confused with the time difference between here and Los Angeles... which meant I missed out on some vinyl toy action from Kid Robot. But I did manage to order the limited edition Kidrobot Swatch Bengali and Dunny set by Joe Ledbetter.

But then when I got home I found a card from Australia Post saying there were two parcels for me at the Post Office... unfortunately it was just before 5pm, and I didn't make it there in time to rescue the parcels *sad face*. And I'm guessing it's the Aussiebum underwear I ordered earlier in the week and the set of Order of the Stick graphic novels I bought back in April (preorder issues).

And they're trapped in the Post Office all weekend long... *sob*

Oh, and given my app related post earlier in the week, I'm currently kinda loving note taking app Evernote and a game called Battleheart... it's Dungeons & Dragons inspired and I'm currently playing it on both the iPad and the iPhone (my iPhone party is all girls, which is kinda awesome).

And speaking of the iPad, I think I'm re-reconsidering my "I don't think I need an iPad" stance. I still probably don't NEED one... but I think I'll probably still buy one. Whether it's the iPad 2, or I'll wait for an iPad 3, I dunno.

So now... dinner...

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Michael said...

Love me some botanical porn, Yani; and the Kangaroo Paw against that rock - Fab!

yani said...

Ta... the Kangaroo Paw is actually in the Sydney Botanical Gardens :)

Sunshine said...

Re the iPad, yani, I said the same thing to myself but now that I have one, I find that it does fill a gap. I use the iPad out and about but only when I am not far from home; I also take it to work every day for meetings. If I go away for longer, I want my lappy because it's impossible to create a more-than-Twitter-sized document on the iPad. The only thing I am struggling now is whether to replace the Macbook Pro with a Macbook Air since the latter is so much more portable yet less powerful and without an optical drive.


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