photo friday: horses

lefevre terrace horseslefevre terrace horseslefevre terrace horses
lefevre terrace horseslefevre terrace horses
I don't think I've ever posted this many images at once... and certainly not for a Photo Friday before... but these shots just felt like they needed to be seen as a complete set.

Yesterday morning I took my camera on my morning walk, snapped a few bits and pieces along the way, then as I was walking up Lefevre Terrace the horses in the agistment paddock caught my eye. I've seen them a lot, but sometimes they're more obvious than others... yesterday they pretty much called to me to come over and photograph them (not literally of course, or that would be a much more interesting story).

It turned out to be one of those moments of everything lining up perfectly. The morning sun was in a great position, the horses were so quiet and gentle and friendly (friendly enough to let me get right up close and touch them in fact... which was kind of amazing, since it's not something I'm used to), and I got some interesting shots.

Normally I would have rejected the second and third image in this post, not so much because of the lens flare, but because they're totally out of focus... but somehow, those two shots just seem to work.

It's amazing to consider that these shots were taken just off of a street of some very expensive and exclusive North Adelaide houses.

I also never knew that horses have horizontal pupils like the goat I photographed many moons ago...

I happened to catch an episode of Shrink Rap the other day, the show where Dr Pamela Connolly "interviews" (or analyses or some slightly odd hybrid) celebrities... and her particular guest was her husband, Billy Connolly... I love listening to him, so I left it on (I'm not a great fan of Pamela) and he said something that really resonated with me about "getting it" and if you don't understand a particular movie or music or art, don't worry about it.

He says it a lot better though (the video should start at the right spot) and I had to share it... Billy Connolly on getting it...

Today has been a complicated little poppet of a day...

Through random stupidity and restarting my walk this week I ended up with a blister on both of the last two toes on my right foot, the second one I think was caused by the band-aid I put over there the second one had been... and it's completely horrible and now hurts when I walk, even though I wrapped both toes up in a bandage and taped them all up.

I also fucked up one of the jobs I logged last year... or rather, I forgot to attach a copy of the revised design to the job, so they designed it based on the old design... which thankfully wasn't radically wrong, but it will require some fixing. Grrr.

Then we went and had lunch at The Office as a farewell to one of our peripheral team members... which would have been great, except the food at The Office is very average. The burger was tasty enough, but tiny and the chips were oversalted by about 300%... the onion rings (all six of them) were nice though. And I'm pretty sure they made my Lemon, Lime & Bitters with actual lime juice (I wasn't really paying attention)... but it wasn't quite right.

When we got back from lunch, our Big Boss called H-San and La Ninj into her office... they came out and told me to come with her... we went looking for the other two temps in our extended team... but they weren't back from The Office yet... so BB took me into her office...

And all the way through this I know that it's either to tell me that my contact is definitely coming to an end at the end of January, or that it has been extended until December... or some indeterminate compromise date in the middle for all I know... and if I'm being completely honest, I was fully expecting the "pack your bags, you won't be seeing February" answer...

Turns out, no, I'm sticking around until December... and gods only know what the hell could happen between then and now.

So I'm excited, and I've already decided I'm taking a four day weekend for my birthday since it falls on the Public Holiday this year... and it will also most likely mean a trip to Brisbane once it all dries out... and a return trip to Sydney for Sculpture By The Sea in November... and those new bookcases... and quite probably a new microwave (because that then means that I'll have replaced every single electronic gadget in my apartment)... oh, and no need to hold back when it comes to scouring the Fringe Festival guide tomorrow looking for things to see!

But at the same time, I'd also mentally checked out a little bit... so I need to re-engage... and now I have to put some effort into preparing for some events that I really didn't expect to have to take part in.

I'll get there.

And tonight I have to summon up the energy to pack away my toy soldiers... I'd originally intended to take another picture of them, but I missed my window of opportunity on the weekend, so I don't think it's going to happen.

Hopefully next year I'll have all kinds of new and interesting places to display them in my new bookcases though!

It seems that the times, they are in fact a-changin... or possibly staying completely the same as they've been for the past two years... either way is good...

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