inaugural slr saturday

burger theory truck very, very, very used cars
a very fluffy pony beach bike silhouette
A different kind of Saturday this week... well, different from the last few weeks. And mostly different because the four shots above are amongst the first 150 taken on my new digital SLR...

The day started out as usual, although my "emergency Saturday alarm" didn't go off this morning, but fortunately Ma was running late so I managed to tidy up and get ready before she turned up.

The supermarket part of the day was about average, other than the fact they were doing stocktake again... I thought they were supposed to do that shit overnight? And there's just teenagers badly dressed in workwear taking up space in the aisles. The only up side is I think it usually makes us shop faster.

Anyway, once all that was over and done with we made a quick stop at the chemist so I could find a knee brace thing (my knee has been feeling a little tender over the last week) which proceeded to drive me nuts all day long.

After we were finished here with the unpacking and suchlike we headed into the city to a) go and visit the Burger Theory truck (finally) and b) let me break in my digital SLR.

May I just have a gastronomic freak out for a second? Burger Theory burgers are AWESOME!!! We had the #1 (100% Coorong Angus Beef in a Breadtop bun, Iceberg lettuce, tomato, American cheese and Truck sauce)... and it was delicious. Sure it was slightly smaller than I was expecting, and a little on the messy side if you don't have the little cardboard tray (I did, Ma didn't, you can see where that's going), but completely and totally moreish. In fact all I wanted to do when we were finished was go back and try the #2 burger, and the burritos... in fact, what I really want right now is another one! I can still taste the Truck saunce (in a good way).

I sense a new addiction...

Before we left I also had to stop and get a couple of their cookies... which always make me do the Happy Stupid Dance... so freaking good!

Anyway, we wandered back to the car the long way so I could snap some more photos (and had one of the workmen on Waymouth Street call out to me to say I should take his photo... which I did... to which he then said he was embarrassed which made me laugh out loud. Sadly he wasn't particularly hot otherwise I would have included his photo in this post.

Then we headed down towards the beach... initially Ma was headed down to the Bay, but that's really not overly photogenic, so we took a somewhat random detour (stopped off at Ikea really, really briefly to look at photo frames which was a big fat disaster) and were kind of heading to Port Adelaide along Seaview Road when we crossed over the point where the River Torrens/Linear Park meets and ocean and I saw the pelican statue that matches the sea eagle statue I photographed four years ago, and got Ma to pull into the next available space (which turned out to be a little car park).

Best! Decision! Ever! We never made it to Port Adelaide... but instead I got to break in my telephoto lens photographing real pelicans, and when we wandered back along Linear Park I also got to photograph horses again.

I don't know why, but three of the horses came strolling over to where we were at the fence as soon as they saw us stop. Okay, one of them was actually coming over for the water trough rather than me... but one of the others had an opportunity to go over and make nice with other people but didn't until he saw us. Sadly the camera seemed to startle a couple of them, even though it doesn't make big loud beeping noises, just the general click sound.

Before we headed back to the car we wandered back to the beach again just as the sun was starting to get into a great position for silhouette shots (ie the guy and his bike).

On the way home we stopped off at Kmart to look at photo frames with more success and then again at Officeworks so I could pick up a little bitty 1TB portable hard drive for my photos.

So a productive day all up really!

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