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and yes, this probably means what you think it means given the title of the postIt's been a very peculiar day...

Partly because Ma dropped me off here at about 11:30pm last night and rocked up again at about 8:15am this morning... and I'm a little sleep deprived anyway... although I did sleep like the proverbial damned I think... I certainly don't remember anything between snuggling down in bed and hearing my "you should really start getting ready" alarm go off this morning.

I also think all this mixing with The Great Unwashed (combined with the aforementioned lack of sleep) at all these cultural events is starting to wear me down a little and my temper (or at least my ability to go from normal to snippy) is on a fairly short fuse. Mostly this just means that I want to slap people.

Anyway... where was I...

Oh, right... fortunately because I wasn't here last night, the place didn't need tidying up... so I took it easy until Ma got here and we headed out to the supermarket.

Other than Ma trying on some clothes and me buying a bunch of socks at Target, it was all the same as usual.

After all the usual stuff here, we headed into the city because I had half of a plan and Ma wanted to look for clothes. The emphasis being on "look for"... lots of wandering around and looking at, frankly, lackluster clothes.

It was a bit of an all over the place excursion... I think we wandered up and down the Mall a bunch of times since we kept forgetting something or wanting to go somewhere different.

That always happens when we don't really have a plan when we head into the city.

The half a plan I had floating around in my head mostly involved looking for a rabbit themed card (harder than you would expect)... so there was a lot of looking at cards between looking at clothes.

When we'd pretty much given up on both the card and clothes hunt, we headed back towards the car, and stopped off at Diamonds Cameras so I could kick the tyres yet again...

nikon d3100 and crumpler four million camera bagYeah... it didn't really end at tyre kicking.

The nice man who owns the store was the one who served me and talked me through the whole deal with the Nikon D3100, and I stood there thinking about it while Ma did that thing she does sometimes and kept talking while I was pondering.

And, you know what... in the end the decision came down to a couple of points. Firstly, the deal included a three hour instruction course on using an SLR (and, yes, I do know some stuff already, but more knowledge never hurts)... but mostly it just seemed like the right thing at the right time. I've been going backwards and forwards about getting a digital SLR for ages and ages, and I have the money and want to get one before we go to Brisvegas in August...

So now I have one...

Of course any new piece of technology also demands that I got to Crumpler and buy an appropriate storage bag to house it. I know... I'm a Crumpler Whore.

Sadly they don't make it in red... so I got the next best thing... that bright, toxic, lime green that is probably my second favourite colour.

So there we go... I'm all camera enabled...

Now we need to get our shit together, go and get some dinner and then head out to our next Cabaret Festival show!

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