photo friday: gold pods

gold podsIt's been an odd week really...

Monday I went to bed really early but still woke up feeling as though I'd only had 5 hours sleep. But I think the reasoning for that became clear as the week progressed and the general malaise blossomed into a fully fledged cold/cough/flu. My body also seems to be fighting said virus by increasing my base body temperature to about 500°C, which coupled with the fact that The Nuthouse has been way warmer than normal all week isn't helping.

Tuesday night I had a somewhat unexpected gentleman caller which was nice... unexpected and convenient since he lives in the neighbourhood. And double unexpected because it went in a direction those things normally don't go in but which was a nice place to visit.

Wednesday started out normally, except for a meeting at 10:30. At 10:25 they decided to give us a full on, walk down the stairs, fire drill. Grrrr... but that then led to going over to the coffee shop with the Big Boss and a bunch of girls from the wider team. And it also led to my "pimp name" of Maurice LeFreque (don't ask).

Thursday we booked our trip to Brisbane at the end of July/beginning of August... we're going a couple of days earlier than we'd intended, but we'll be staying right in the middle of the CBD which should be good. It was also the last of our visits to the Cabaret Festival *sad face*. This year's shows have probably been the best we've seen of the three years overall, and the best show this year was Tuba Skinny without a doubt!

And that brings us to Friday!

I dropped into the Paper String Plastic gallery at lunch with my signed contract... so now it's all official, I have photos on display and for sale in a real life gallery. I always enjoy stopping by though... it's always a little bit wild and freeform.

Today was also Haircut Day! Woohoo...

And I have to say that Tink is getting huge... as she said, it kind of looks as though she's swallowed a basketball.

I went a little more hardcore with my haircut this time... shorter back and sides and taken slightly higher... not sure how well it will work, but it'll also grow out fairly quickly, so it all balances out really.

I also noticed a kind of reddish splodge on the back of my head, which i think I've always assumed was either to do with the hair colour chemicals or something, but Tink says it's always been there... but you would think I would know if I had a birthmark on the back of my head... must ask Ma tomorrow.

Now to make ham and pineapple pizza and curl up in my chair for the evening.

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Unexpected gentleman caller ;)


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