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witness the originI didn't actually realise that X-Men: First Class was being classed as a reboot until after I'd seen it.

But I'm not sure it really mattered one way or the other... with a couple of exceptions it seemed fairly internally consistent. Although it's interesting that it's supposed to be a reboot and yet they appear to either use the same footage as the beginning of the first X-Men movie (Magneto in the concentration camp) or essentially reproduce it down to the last detail.

And there are also a couple of cameos that seem to set it solidly in the existing X-Men Universe. So in the end it feels less like a total Batman Begins style reboot and more like just throwing the continuity book out of the window and making the movie they want to make.

The final result isn't bad though... they have a good mix of mutants (and I'm sure there's aspects of the characters that they've chosen that people more familiar with the comics than me will get a kick out of)... but essentially in the end it becomes the origin story for Magneto, Professor X and Mystique... and gives them all an interesting and intertwined back story.

Interestingly though, although the movie is set in a very specific time period (1962), it doesn't really feel like a period movie... in essence other than a few references (and using the Cuban Missile Crisis at the end) it essentially feels fairly timeless.

Both James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender more than hold their own as Professor X and Magneto against the memory of Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen, not only making them seem to fit with the older versions but also putting their own stamp on things.

The only thing I thought was missing was a little bit more weight to their relationship... they only seem to spend a couple of months working together but the relationship is supposed to define their interactions for the next 4o years.

Jennifer Lawrence does a good job as the younger Mystique, often invoking a similar feel to the character of Rogue from the original movies... a girl who is part of the world but set apart from it because of her powers.

The supporting cast of mutants is serviceable enough... no real stand out performances though... although Lucas Till gets points as eye candy.

However Kevin Bacon felt a little limp as the movie's Big Bad.

All in all though, a worthy addition to the X-Men Universe... not on the same level as Last Stand... but they definitely get a B+.

yani's rating: 2 blue and yellow jumpsuits out of 5


Mind Of Mine said...

I am dissapointed by the lack of Storm. She is by far my favourite Xmen character!

yani said...

Mine too... but she does make a very, very brief cameo (at around age 8 I guess).


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