cabaret: bryan batt - batt on a hot tin roof

adelaide cabaret festival - bryan battAnd so our 2011 Cabaret Festival experience ends fittingly with Mr Bryan Batt...

It also turns out that he's the first American act we've seen in the three years we've gone to the festival. French, English, Australian (including those living in the US), but never an American native.

And it just felt different... like we'd seen something very Broadway I guess. It's also helped that Batt is a hell of a performer.

He's also a very enthusiastic storyteller... so enthusiastic in fact that he doesn't always wait until he's back at the microphone before continuing... but it's easy to forgive him because the stories let you know more about the man, and as a fellow gay man I found a number of them very easy to relate to.

The songs were a mix of old standards, newer Broadway numbers and others that fit somewhere in between.

And he wasn't afraid to "work blue" either... my two personal favourite numbers were the innocuously titled "The Sensitive Song" and "Let's Talk Dirty To The Animals", both of which had me laughing my head off.

It was also nice to hear him do a version of "Way Ahead Of My Time", the "gay caveman" song which Mitchell Butel did last year.

I may now need to track down a copy of his book though...

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