shopping, ma's pre-birthday weekend and the body mind & psychic expo 2011

super(market) marioA very bitsy super-combo kinda day...

Firstly it's the weekend before Ma's birthday, although we didn't really do a lot of birthday stuff since we're going to Pirates of the Caribbean 4 on Tuesday which is her actual birthday. Although we are going out to dinner at some Mongolian place in a while, so she's sitting on my sofa reading the paper until then.

Secondly this weekend is the Body, Mind and Psychic Expo... more on that in a bit...

And actually I think thirdly was going to be the whole Mongolian dinner thing... never mind...

The day started out in the usual fashion... except neither of us could really summon up much energy for actually buying much at the supermarket... and given that we're going out for dinner tonight and we'll be having dinner out somewhere on Tuesday night, there really didn't seem that much point to going nuts on the shopping front.

Once we were all done with shopping and whatnot, we headed down to the Showgrounds for the aforementioned BMP Expo.

First stop, as it has been for the last four years, was Shiona's spirit guide portrait stall to put my name down in two slots. I think I'm probably going to blog about the portraits later, although I'm not sure there's as much to say this year as there has been other years...

After the portraits we wandered around the expo, pretty much stopping off at a lot of the same places we've been to on previous years... and actively avoiding some of the dodgier stalls. Actually, for some reason it all seemed a lot dodgier this year than it has done in previous years... now whether that's me or the expo, I don't know.

One of the places we stopped was the stall where I've gotten the crystal animals in previous years... and this year I ended up with an eagle pendant (thanks to the spirit guide portrait) and a goldfish (because it was cute), both in Opalite.

But really that was about it... we did a lap all the way around, the went back around the other way, Ma picked up a couple of bits and pieces in the jewellery oeuvre and at that point we were pretty much done.

From there we detoured over to Kmart on Anzac Highway because I was sure that the really soft and comfortable Bonds hoodie I bought last week was from there... turns out, not so much... in fact the scarves were from there, the hoodie was from Big W.

So instead we headed back to North Adelaide and picked up some lunch at Perrymans, then came back to my place.

After lunch we decided to head down to Arndale, mostly to go to the Big W down there for the aforementioned hoodie... and wandered around aimlessly for a bit...

Since we still had time to kill, we headed into the city so I could snap a couple of pieces of street art, except it turned out that one of them had already been painted over on the Topham Wall possibly within the last 24 hours (I didn't actually check to see if the paint was still wet).

Then it was back here for the aforementioned paper reading and blog typing.

And I have no fucking idea what the hell I'm going to wear tonight. Most of the casual shirts I would have worn for an occasion like this are suffering from that "shrinkage" problem, and if I'm going to be pigging out, the last thing that I want is to be wearing a shirt that only just fits.

Decisions, decisions.

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