photo friday: autumn jacks

autumn converseThese are the Jack Purcell sneakers that I bought in Sydney. I wore them to work today. They were very squeaky when I was walking. I have no idea why.

I managed to pull something in my wrist at some point this week. It's not to do with the gym I don't think. I bought some tubular bandage at lunch to see if that would help. It may do. I can't help thinking I should have bought the next size up though. My fingers are a little cold on that hand.

It's going to be a late night tonight. We have two Cabaret shows. One is at 7pm and the other is at 10pm. So from 8pm until about 9:30pm we have to find ways to amuse ourselves. We also have another show at 9pm tomorrow. Then our last show is next Thursday.

I'm not sure how well I'm going to last tonight. Hopefully my second wind kicks in soon.

Tomorrow Ma and I need to sit down and nut out our trip to Brisbane since we're going to have a fair amount of time on our hands.

I think it's also time to start looking at new cameras in a serious type fashion. It's time to move to The Land of SLR.

Why is it that the good people you work with are always the ones that leave? Why is it rarely the people you'd be happy to see the back of?

I knew there was a reason why you should never have sex with friends that you've known for a long time. It just feels weird afterwards. Doubly so if you don't want to sleep with them again. Triply so when you're pretty sure they they do want to.

I tried to avoid using ellipses during today's post. And using ands. Can you tell?

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