ma's presents 2010

ma's presents 2010It's that time of the year again... that Seasonal Point of No Return where I buckle down, OD on tissue paper and wrap Ma's Christmas presents!

Usually there are as many bags, boxes and other associated receptacles as there were presents to begin with... but this year I indulged in not only some serious recycling of packaging materials, but some concerted minimalism (well, it you don't count the amount of ribbon and tissue paper I used)...

The red square bag with the Matryoshka dolls on it was from Ma's birthday last year... and the brown paper bag is actually something we got take out in earlier this year would you believe!

I was panicking a little when I got all of Ma's presents out, because they seemed to take up more room than I thought they would, but then I unfolded the Matryoshka bag and it was much, much bigger than I remembered, so it all worked out just fine in the end.

As you can see from the lower right side of the image at the top of the post, even though Ma is only getting three parcels (counting the seahorse which will probably find it's way into another brown paper bag between now and Christmas Day), every single thing is wrapped up individually in tissue paper and tied in varying degrees of accuracy with ribbon! Over 15 metres of ribbon in fact...

And all of those individual parcels are...
  • Red Bella Textiles scarf
  • Professor Layton and Pandora's Box DS game
  • Pastiche Lovelinks bracelet with three Murano glass beads
  • Black wooden bead earrings
  • Origami fan earrings
  • Black Lola & Bailey Sundial Sunrise earrings
  • DVDs
  • Parky's People
  • Envirosax bag
  • Momiji Robin message doll
  • Snowman ornament
  • Snowman card
  • Sydney Calendar 2011
  • "Velvet Glove" artwork
  • Harajuku Lovers Wicked Style "Music" perfume
  • Harajuku Lovers Summer "Love" perfume
  • Nougat Limar (Cherry Cranberry Pistachio, Wild Berry Macadamia & Chocolate Pistachio)
  • Seahorses
    • Metal garden seahorse statue
    • Large dangling seahorse earrings (thank you eBay)
    • Enamel seahorse bag charm
    • Seahorse surfboard pendant
    • Framed origami seahorse
    • Small triple seahorse painting with easel
    • Sand seahorse sculpture
    • Wooden seahorse sculpture
    • Seahorse soap
    • Wooden "craft puzzle" seahorse
    • Joseph Austin seahorse card
    • Koala riding seahorse ornament
I can't help but think that there's something I've forgotten to wrap... although for the life of me I can't think what it could be...

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