photo friday: not a creature is stirring

not a creature was stirring... except for these two and their tree... from the david jones christmas windowsOne of the things that I loved about the David Jones Christmas windows in Sydney was these little mice. They showed up in most of the windows, doing cute little things echoing what the people were doing.

I'm still undecided about whether the mouse on the right is holding a toy soldier or not... I thought it was, but now I'm not so sure...

It's Christmas Eve!

And, as usual, it's been a Christmas Eve that pretty much revolved around pretending to work in the morning, and getting my hair cut in the afternoon.

But backing up slightly...

This week hasn't been quite as much about food as last year, although food/chocolate did keep appearing on my desk throughout the week... and H-San bought doughnuts again... plus we went out to lunch on Tuesday... and today we (we being me, Sugarmonkey, Rockstar and The Hobbit) took money out of the swear jar and went and bought ice cream with it, which was nice.

One of the things that arrived on my desk was from H-San, and it wasn't so much the chocolate itself as the fact that it had a little wooden toy soldier Christmas Tree ornament (something they didn't put on their tree I'm guessing), which was incredibly sweet. In fact I was quite touched just because it was so sweet!

And parcels from all over the US (Los Angeles, Orlando, Chippewa Falls and somewhere in Connecticut) have continued to appear on my doorstep this week... sadly I'm still missing out on one... and I'm hoping it's just been delayed rather than either not being sent at all or else being stolen from my doorstep. I do love getting parcels though!

Anyway, back to today... when I got into work this morning most of the overhead lights were off on our side of the floor... which I always quite like, but it never lasts very long because somebody invariably comes in and switches them on... not today though! I left them off, and everyone else (not that there were that many of us) left them off, so we spent the morning in a nice cool half-light! Woohoo!

Like I said, we went out for ice cream at around 10:30... and on the way back we gave the rest of the change I had from the swear jar to this girl busking just off Rundle Mall... I'm sure she wondered what the hell was going on because I tipped all these 10c pieces into her guitar case from the plastic bag I was carrying them in.

She did need to sing louder though!

By the time we got back I only needed to fill in about an hour before it was time to leave! Yaaay!

And then it was Haircut Time!

When I got there I got the little white takeaway container out of my bag with the Christmas goodies in it for Tink, and she recognised it as soon as she saw it, and, like everybody else, was very gleeful about getting the goodies again this year.

Essentially we did the same hairstyle as the pre-Sydney cut, but messed around with the colour a bit... instead of it being all "golden blonde" on the sides, it's now all "oh holy fuck that's so blonde" blonde instead... the top part still has some of my original colour to it, but the overall effect is blonde.

So much so that after Tink washed the colour out she insisted on doing something to it to tone the sides down. I only really saw my reflection across the room, but it was INCREDIBLY blonde... like scary neon blonde... but after she did whatever it was it toned down nicely.

All up, with all the gasbagging and cutting and colouring and waiting for colour to be ready, I was pretty much in there for over two hours. Seriously, it takes time to look this... well, good or something.

I do look like I could do with a tan though, especially when I was standing next to Tink who is both blonde AND has a tan... which would be nice if I could tan...

Anyway... when I was leaving Tink gave me a little sample size "Blonde Glam" shampoo and conditioner, and she also had a green rolled up tube, which she said she thought of me as soon as she saw it. Turned out to be a "John West Perfectly Cut" calendar filled with photos of the two sweaty shirtless dudes from the John West ads, one of whom looks a little Brad Pitt-ish. So that was both funny and sweet.

Once I left I went downstairs to get some lunch in the Myer Centre because I was starving... then had half an idea to go and buy myself some Havana thongs to wear on Christmas Day. This was a stupid plan, as once I finally tracked them down in Jetty Surf there were too many people in the store and the thongs didn't actually have a price on them... so fuck that shit.

So I came home.

And now I'm about to head out to get pizza for dinner, because who can be fucked cooking on Christmas Eve!

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Lacarian said...

Dear yani, very merry christmas-wishes from far far away! Lacarian


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