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megamind - the superhero movie will never be the sameBefore I get to the movie, I just have to say that Dreamworks is essentially the "middle child" of the animation world, if Disney is the older sibling who usually does everything right and Pixar is the baby who everyone oohs and ahhs over because they're so damn cute and talented.

Dreamworks on the other hand makes some decent movies, and they make some crappy movies...

Megamind falls at the decent end of the scale. It's fun, it's funny, there's stuff aimed at kids and jokes designed for the parents, there's the cast of well known actors (which is another Dreamworks staple, right behind talking animals... in this case the actors are Will Ferrell and Brad Pitt)... and when you add it all up, it's an enjoyable, yet mostly forgettable, movie.

It's very much a play on the whole Superman/Lex Luthor relationship (you know, if Lex had a giant head and was blue) and builds on the "what would happen if the bad guy actually won" idea.

As is always the case with my reaction to 99% of the animated movies we go to see, the animation and textures and rendering in this are gorgeous.

Like I said though... enjoyable, but mostly forgettable...

yani's rating: 2 minions out of 5

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