feel the christmas rush

the fat man shops alone...Well, that's the last time we shop together before Christmas... next weekend it's Solo Saturday followed by Goodie Making Sunday... and then it's Christmas...

But I think we made the most of it.

As usual, the Supermarket Safari came first... blah blah... other than the addition of some Christmas orientated stuff. Overall though, it was a fairly average start...

Other than it being cold, windy and raining in December that is (but I'm starting to wonder if we aren't transitioning to having a Wet Season and a Dry Season, since it's been very wet in a time it's traditionally dry... or something).

Once we were finished with all that, we headed into the city.

All I can say is that I'm very, very, very glad that we've actually finished 99% of our Christmas shopping (I'm still debating whether or not to get one last thing for Ma), because we're definitely entering the time when everybody goes into a veritable orgy of panic and spending.

To be honest, I think Ma was a little bit that way herself... she ended up spending around $100 at Lush for sundry people, none of which looks like all that much (the products, not the people)... but she liked it all.

We ended up doing a lot of wandering around the Myer Centre to be honest, although an unscheduled detour through the perfume department meant that we found a new set of Harajuku Lovers perfume which is always exciting, and helpful because it kinda solved the "What else am I going to get Ma?" question I'd been tossing around (there may still be something else, I haven't decided yet).

bouncy elf... he gave me a 'naughty' sticker... which is totally fair...After we left the Myer Centre, we were headed down the mall when I saw this bouncy legged elf and his female associate talking to kids... and I had to take a picture... which I did...

Then Mr Elf reached out towards my shoulder, and I didn't know what he was actually doing, but let him do it... turns out they were sticking green stickers on all the "Nice" children, and red stickers on all the "Naughty" children.

My sticker was red.

Which, as I told him, I was okay with (afterwards, I wished I'd actually said "you have NO idea"... but that hindsight is a bitch) and we had a whole little conversation about the benefits of being naughty (and that I had a couple of weeks to turn it around it I wanted to).

Let's just say that given the impure thoughts I was having about Mr Elf and his well padded Christmas stocking (if you get my drift), I don't think I'm going on the Nice list any time soon.

After a little more wandering around Ma wanted to head out to the Kmart on Anzac Highway for something they had in their catalogue... and she decided that we should go there via the Haighs Factory... which in no way can really be said to be "on the way" from where we were to where we were going. But what the hell...

At least we were both much more restrained than last time.

We pretty much went into Kmart, bought what Ma was after (actually we bought two and put the other one under the Wishing Tree) and then went to Wok in a Box and tried one of their new Bento boxes... quite tasty... before waiting out the rain and heading back here.

And now there are 14 sleeps until Christmas...

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