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christmas tree 2010Christmas Afternoon

I wonder if the fact that we've had the Ultra Lounge Christmas Cocktails CD on repeat since I got here just after 7am has anything to do with the fact that I kinda wanna kick somebody. Of course if that's the case, then it's my fault, since it's my CD and I'm the one who put it on "Repeat All"...

Or maybe it's just the magic of Christmas!

But backtracking slightly...

I woke up stupidly early this morning... actually I work up at about 4am, thought "fuck this for a joke" and went back to sleep, but I ended up waking up at about 5:30 again and figured I might as well get up and start the day.

And because it's a Saturday I didn't need to go my daily walk... actually I didn't need to do it because I haven't really done it for more than a month... I just needed the extra sleep and the extra time in the morning. I need to get back to it soon though... maybe I'll start it up again before New Year.

Anyway... I had a shower, got dressed and sat down in the lounge and it was only 6:30am! I wasn't quite sure what to do then... but I decided to text Ma and see if she was up and about... which she was, so I packed up the car and headed out the door.

And there was actual rain on the way up to Ma's place. Okay, it was about 15 specks, but still... the weather has taken revenge for it though and it's all warm and yuck at present.

When I got to Ma's place she was in the mad throws of making final batches of Ham Hearts and the kitchen was somewhat overheated. Eventually she finished with that and we threw our usual Christmas breakfast in the oven (croissants).

Once we'd scoffed them down (and I'd polished off a king sized Iced Coffee) we did the first round of presents... which pretty much consisted of whatever was in the brown paper bag for Ma and toy soldier related stuff for me.

Next up, Ma went around the corner to see her sister and drop some stuff off with her while I stayed behind and tidied up a bit, did the washing up... you know, helpful son stuff.

We were due at La Cousina's place by about 9:30, so after Ma came back and got ready we packed up the car and headed out to their place.

I know it's only once a year and everything, but I'm glad we only spend a finite amount of time there. It's all a bit... you know... actually I'm not exactly sure what it is, but whatever it is, it definitely is that. I'm pretty sure that I say something similar every year though... which is pretty much why I only see them all once a year.

All the presents went down well, and I got something actually useful from them ($30 iTunes card), which is nice.

Ooh... The Grinch... I wanted to watch this last night...

Anyway, we were at La Cousina's for about an hour and a half, then came back here to put the Weber on and get the turkey and stuff ready to go in. Instead of the usual Dolly Parton style buffet turkey we usually have (and end up with more leftovers than either of us are particularly interested in) we went with one of the stuffed turkey roll things (nice, but the stuffing was a bit m'eh).

While we were waiting for the Weber to heat up we had Round 2 of presents...

christmas presents 2010So while there appears to be lots of DVDs, although not that may actual DVDs if that makes any sense (lots of cases, not that many actual movies/shows)...

It took Ma ages to make her way the Big Bag of Many Parcels (and we had a brief pause in the middle to go and turn the turkey roll etc)... and I think she may have ended up with more bits and pieces than me this year... not that there's anything wrong with that. I really don't need that much stuff (nor do I have a lot of room for too much random crap)... although trying to find room for all the DVDs is going to be a challenge. And I picked the animal bookends with the thought that I'd have my new bookcases by now... which obviously I don't... maybe in the new year.

Once we were done with all the presents (and the fact that I was packing boxes and bags away from my presents as we went, and Ma was folding up tissue and putting ribbon in a bag made the actual clear up a hell of a lot earlier), Ma went off to prepare the vegetables and whatnot while I arrange my presents for their annual photo and then made up the table like I do every year.

christmas table 2010We didn't end up eating until about 2pm... but everything way pretty nice... the veg was maybe slightly overcooked (sweet potato, beans, broccoli and potato), but the turkey was nice and moist, and the sausage meat was as delicious as ever.

I will admit that I was a little bit cranky by this point... or maybe not cranky, maybe just a little flat... I don't know. I didn't snap at Ma or anything... I was just a little off.

After dinner we tidied up, and Ma sat down to fiddle with her DS (not the new game I bought her though, she's still finishing off the old one) and I broke out the laptop and, well, here we are...

And I'll finish this off later...


Actually the afternoon was surprisingly dull...

Since we only finished lunch at 2:30, there really wasn't THAT much afternoon left still to happen... I sat and footled around on the laptop, Ma footled around with her DS... The Grinch was on in the background, but I don't think either of us was really paying that much attention to it.

By the time it was finished it was about 5... then with one thing and another we killed some time (mostly related to DS footling), then just before the Kung Fu Panda Holiday special was due to start Ma made some fruit salad which was very nice... then we kind of flicked from one holiday special to another, ending up on the Mythbusters Holiday Special, which I think I must have seen a whole bunch of times at this point.

Once that was over at 8:30, I packed up the car and took myself home. Which then resulted in some unpacking, and some sitting around footling with the laptop.

So all in all, a good, if not especially different or unique Christmas!

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Lacarian said...

There was Kung Fu Panda in our TV, too today. :) Nice things you got for christmas. Hope you enjoyed! I did. :)


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