last shopping saturday for the year

that's quite a christmas stocking you've got there sir!Outside the snow is falling
and friends are calling 'Yoo hoo',
Come on, it's lovely weather
for a sleigh ride together with you.

Okay, so there's not actual snow... but there was rain this morning... rain, the week before Christmas... what's up with that.

Anyway, it's the last weekend before Christmas, tomorrow is our Annual Goodie Making, so I was left to my own devices today. And I managed to get a bunch of stuff done, and still be home by about 1:30...

So a fairly productive day all up.

I started off as usual at the supermarket, didn't quite manage to get there before it opened, but I think they'd quite literally just opened right before I rocked up, so that wasn't so bad.

Part of me is a little concerned about the fact that since Christmas falls on a weekend this year, so the shops don't open again until Wednesday, so I'm going to end up with no food in my house. Of course that's a complete exaggeration, plus I can always go other places and pick up milk and whatnot, but still...

Anyway... after getting stuck behind a slow old lady in the checkout line (which wasn't helped by the fact that the check out boy was also slow), I wandered around Red Circle Boutique and found Scott Pilgrim on DVD for $20! Woohoo! Of course, I discovered later in the day that there is also a two disc edition with twice as much footage on it... but you get that...

After stopping off briefly to unpack, I headed down to Marion. I fully expected it to be complete and total chaos and thought that I'd have to drive around and around looking for a carpark, but it turned out to be reasonably civilised. Well, in the carpark anyway... the mall itself was a little nuts.

The Universe was kinda looking after me this morning to be honest... as I was leaving the supermarket I found $5 on the floor, I got a carpark at Marion with pretty much no effort... and when I popped into the Oroton store to ask them about their giant toy soldiers in the window, I walked out with a free toy soldier sticker...

So not massive important stuff... but sometimes all you need is the little stuff to make you feel like you're winning.

Other than that I probably could have saved my time and energy and just stayed home (the sticker was probably worth the trip though).

After stopping off for a Boost Juice I headed home around noon, but came back via the Christmas Shop... yeah, dangerous I know... but they really didn't have anything remotely interesting... they had a few new things, but they were Nutcrackers... or in the wrong colour.

So that was essentially my last Shopping Saturday for the year!

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