post christmas madness

this pretty much sums up the way i felt about todayIf I EVER make any kind of statement again about going to the Post Christmas sales the day that the stores reopen, could one of you please arrange to have me punched in the face repeatedly? Thanks!

We did a very stupid thing today.

We went to Marion on the first day of the sales. I choose to blame Ma... there were a few things we kinda wanted to get from the catalogues, and since today was Movie Day anyway, Ma thought we could kill two birds with one stone and go to Marion.

Big mistake!

I'm still not sure how the hell I managed to make it through the day without either punching somebody in the back of the head or really stopping and telling somebody what I thought of them as they meandered around the shops. It was truly horrible though.

And unfortunately we used up our Good Carpark Luck on a stop at Harvey Norman on the way down to get Ma a HD set-top box... so Marion involved a lot of driving around and around and around and around and watching other people take parking spaces that should have been ours.

If the crowds out in the mall itself weren't bad enough (seriously, leave the fucking pusher at home... better yet, don't bring grandma to the shops with you and your toddler and your pusher... leave the fucking pusher and toddler at home with grandma... and don't get me started on the groups of people just standing in the middle of the path... I just ended up ploughing through a number of them with cries of "Scuse me ladies"... always ladies)... when we actually went inside the major stores it just got worse.

In Target they were queued from the front of the store pretty much all the way back to the back of the store... or the end of the toy department anyway. And in Big W, both the self-serve and regular lines stretched back to the gardening department at the very least.

It's fucking nuts! You've just spent the last month buying every conceivable piece of crap under the sun... what the hell else is there to buy?! And are you just buying it because it's 20% off, cause that's just plain nuts!

Anyway, surprisingly when we went down to Kmart, nobody was lining up and the store didn't look as busy... but that was possibly because everyone had already been there and stripped the store of all bargains. And all I wanted was another cheap frying pan... nothing.

We stopped off at Spago for something to eat (since the movie wasn't for another hour and a half)... possibly the weirdest bruschetta ever... on really thick focaccia bread rather than more normal bread.

After we were finished eating, we may have wandered aimlessly a bit, but then we headed up to the movies... to see Tron Legacy... not just in 3D, but also in one of the VMax theatres (more on that later)... very fancy smancy! Kind of a cross between a regular theatre and Gold Class... better chairs, more room, although I could probably have done without the little blue lights between every second chair that stayed on for the whole movie.

Once the movie was over, we got an icecream from Cold Rock and wandered off the long way back to the car... which took us through the food court, and who did we run into but J and Pika... who started by asking us a fairly insane question about cheese and space... don't ask.

We chatted with them for a little bit, then took our leave and headed back to the car.

And that was about it really.

But seriously, somebody needs to punch me if I ever try and do that again...

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