photo friday: aquarium silhouettes

aquarium silhouettesThis time next week I'll be enjoying my spanky new hotel room in Melbourne... or possibly enjoying one of the films in the Melbourne International Film Festival, I'm not sure yet.

What I do know is that the stars seem to be continuously aligning for this holiday... which makes me more than a little bit nervous about what the Universe will require in payment for all this good fortune. Hopefully whatever it is it can wait until we get home again.

Although given that my week went from mundane to insane with one email yesterday, perhaps I'm paying in advance.

And I spent today catching up after yesterday... but although I was busy all day, I only felt like I
did the same thing all day. That and get harassed and teased by Sugarmonkey and H-San... big meanies...

But there's no rest for the wicked... tomorrow looks like it's going to be a full day... from haircuts to art to sneakers to Christmas in July...

*deep breath*

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