somewhat atypical saturday

trolleyToday is clearly falling under that general heading of "atypical"...

Granted there will be a number of atypical days in the next month or so, but today was possibly more atypical than normal.

First off, Ma was having her hair did (including blonde streaks that are pretty much undetectable to the naked eye), so I was off to do the supermarket thing on my own. I didn't end up coming back with much stuff though... and I did manage to make it within a short space of time, so possibly a swings and roundabouts motif there.

Then, after I'd come back and unpacked and read the paper I ended up sitting around and waiting for ages until finally Ma was on her way.

And neither of us really knew what the hell we wanted to do with the bulk of the day, but since we're heading off to see Bugs Bunny at the Symphony tonight, so she had to stick around.

So we did what we usually end up doing when we're not completely sure what the hell it is we want to do... we went to Marion to wander about the shops and stare at the freaks and weirdos...

I got another Bonds zip up hoodie to add to my ever expanding collection... I'm pretty sure I now have six... red, grey, charcoal, lime, sapphire and now cream/grey stripes. I'm an addict, I'll admit it.

I also took a punt and picked up a third copy of Hello Dolly... the first two I bought had the same covers and both were from a completely screwed batch... got to the middle and then bam, stopped working. Hopefully this one is different.

You do have to worry about some people sometimes... there was a guy walking through the foodcourt whose jeans were essentially ripped from above the pocket all the way down to about the knee, so there was a big flap of denim swinging in the breeze, and showing off his generic underwear. Now I don't know if they were like that when he put them on, or if he'd had a little accident or what... but if it wasn't intentional, you're in a shopping centre full of clothing shops... go in one and buy new pants! And if it was intentional, why?

As we were leaving I decided it would be a good idea if I went to the Little Boy's Room... so I did... and when we got home I was wondering to myself why my underwear seemed to be sticking to me... turns out that somehow chewing gum came into contact with my underwear, which then came into contact with me, and then I sat on it the whole way home so it got all warm and sticky.

It's not a nice sensation, trust me. Also, what sort of gross person leaves their chewies around a public toilet like that? Urgh!

Anyway, now it's time to get organised and go out to have some dinner before the show...

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