i want bookcases

the new plan above and the existing room belowTwo things became apparent to me this afternoon...

The first is that I cannot add... sometimes even with the help of a calculator (I added the same set of numbers on two different occasions and got two completely different answers... the first one wrong, the second one right... I have no idea what I did)... the second is that I really, really want new bookcases (but this isn't news, since I've wanted new/more bookcases for some time now).

It's also surprising that just creating a virtual copy of a real room with doors and windows the right size and in the right place viewed from an angle that you're used to seeing it automatically makes you feel like it IS that room, even when it's just a basic model.

Which brings me around to the Ikea Home Planner, which I saw when we were there yesterday... and behold my plan for new bookcases in my living room. Taller, lighter, deeper and with much more shelf space... and even a corner unit.

Sadly, they only let you do kitchens and offices and bedrooms... so the choices for living rooms boiled down to bookcases... but like I said, oddly enough, just putting those bookcases in made the room feel very much like my real living room.

So $500 worth of Swedish bookcases later (plus delivery, since I'm sure they're going to be too big to get into either Ma's car or mine)... that could be my place.

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Mind Of Mine said...

I think some polished bookcases will kill the personality that your living room has now.


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