bugs bunny at the symphony

bugs bunny at the symphony*cue The Ride of the Valkyries*

Bugs Bunny at the Symphony was a thoroughly enjoyable evening's entertainment!

Although I will say that it's about time the Festival Theatre upgraded their seating... those seats are far too narrow and not overly comfortable for prolonged performances.

But that was about the only downside to tonight.

The seats were excellent (well, the location anyway, three rows from the stage, in the centre), the music was excellent, the cartoons were a trip down memory lane... in fact there was a lot of memory lane about the show, since Ma and I went to the original Bugs Bunny on Broadway show back in February 2005.

This is the "20th Anniversary" for that show (not the anniversary of it coming to Australia obviously) so a lot of the cartoons/music is the same, but there were some new pieces, including bits from some Hanna–Barbera cartoons (Tom & Jerry, Scooby Doo, The Flintstones).

While the Hanna-Barbera cartoons showed a definite difference in the quality of the actual cartoons (the Tom & Jerry particularly), the pieces of music for the other two, "Scooby Doo's Hall of the Mountain King" (Grieg's Peer Gynt) and "Bedrock Ballet" (Can-Can from Offenbach's Orpheus in the Underworld) had excellent montages.

You can also tell that the conductor, George Daugherty, loves what he does... firstly because he's been doing it for such a long time, but also just from the way he talks about it! And either he says very nice things about all of the Symphony Orchestras, or he really thinks the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra is top notch... I'm hoping it's the latter as they really were very good.

Really, what more can you ask for... good music and laughs... well, other than a more comfortable chair...

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Victor said...

Daugherty conducted the Sydney Symphony in the Rodgers and Hammerstein concert I posted about last week and he raved about that orchestra too.

I tihnk it is his natural exuberance. He jumped about on the podium as though he was trampolining.


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