photo friday: three leaves

three leaves...
Three leaves with bus stop, umbrella shadow and skate shoe, 2010

It has been, without putting too fine a point on it... a clusterfuck of a week...
  • Monday passed in desk tidying and rage
  • Tuesday passed in meetings and Lost tears
  • Wednesday just passed
  • Thursday passed in form code, anticipation and Twitter discussions
  • Friday passed in plotting, discussion, donuts and banner code
No more now please... although I'm not sure that next week is going to improve that much...

I feel like there's a crossroads coming up, but the side roads are deserted and definitely the path less travelled... hopefully it doesn't come to that though.

In other news...
  • It is raining... it will continue to do so tomorrow
  • Jones Cane Sugar Soda is very tasty
  • I keep slicing my finger on my very sharp knives
  • People walk slowly and without paying attention and it's annoying
  • All of my pants never last long... it's most likely a friction issue
  • Discovering a song you loved but had forgotten about on iTunes is bliss
  • My hair is proving problematic
  • Chocolate, homemade pizza, yoghurt and soda make just about anything seem better (not mixed together though obviously)
That is all...

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