short winded saturday

not that we have the paper vs plastic debate... title=Today started out a bit disastrously... and was probably the polar opposite to last week in a lot of ways.

While I woke up fairly early this morning, I then went back to sleep and woke up at 7:50, and Ma usually gets to my place around 8... so I had the fastest shower I've ever had in my entire life and managed to get dressed and pretty much organised by the time she got here.

But my hair pretty much looked like shit... that's the main problem with this whole longer hair concept... unless I get it just right, it looks like there has been a catastrophic motor vehicle accident on my head.

And as I was getting to the shower my leg slid out from under me... which could have been a total disaster, but fortunately it only made it to the opposite wall. Still hurt when my shin smacked into the little tile footrest thing though.

The day did improve somewhat once I got out of the house though.

As usual, blah blah Supermarket Safari, blah blah, unpacking...

And then we went to IKEA... which, for me, makes it the third time in three weeks.

So essentially we were just there for Ma... since she want to get another chair... not the same chair that she got last time, but a chair exactly like the one I have. But in the same colour as the chair she bought a couple of weeks ago. Which is actually the same colour as the chair I have.

*cough* copycat *cough* ;)

Anyway, I also spent a little bit of time ogling the Billy bookcases... AGAIN. There's just so much shit I need to do before I actually commit to buying them... grrr...

But that was pretty much it... Ma and I loaded her spanky new red chair into the car, we came back here, dithered around a bit, and then she trundled off home. And it wasn't even 2pm!

It was kinda too much of a pain to either leave her car there with the chair in it and do other stuff... or bring the chair into my place, then have to take the chair back out to the car again... plus we really didn't have much else we needed or wanted to do.

That didn't stop me from hopping in my car and wandering down to Arndale for a bit though... but I went with three specific objectives in mind, and came home with two of them and nothing else, so that was a bonus.

One is part of an associated art project (I didn't make the art, but I am trying something interesting in the way to display it, assisted by a shadow box frame from IKEA), and the other was new "weekend shoes". So I have some white cardboard and a new pair of cheap comfortable, black, laceless sneakers.

But I still managed to make the rest of the afternoon vanish in a puff of the proverbial...

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