slightly failed saturday

rainy saturdayWhile it's one of those days where we did all the things we set out to do, it's also been a day that has been stunningly full of failure.

I was up late last night wandering around YouTube, so I set the alarm on my phone to ensure I got up in time this morning. I didn't. In fact, I got up about three minutes before Ma rocked up. Not great.

Fortunately we were able to make up the time somewhat at the supermarket, so it didn't throw the whole day off.

I knew that Ma wanted to swing by IKEA at some point during the day (and yes, for those of you keeping score that does mean that I've been to IKEA once a week for the past five weeks... I'm entering either intervention or detox country I think)... but she wanted to show me something in a particular shop so we headed off to Marion... except it turns out that Marion doesn't actually have one of those particular stores...

But I did find a new pair of sweatpants for my morning walk, since the current pair have started to tear in an inconvenient place... only to find while I was out and about that the jeans I was wearing have developed a hole in the same area.

Just once I would like to have to throw out a pair of jeans because they're essentially falling apart, not because they're practically perfect but have one small hole... it's incredibly annoying. And usually it's right at that time when you've worn in the rest of the jeans and they're pretty comfortable...

Once we were done at Marion and had some lunch we headed off to IKEA with the expressed purpose of going in, ignoring the whole store and going straight to the racks to get the chair that Ma wanted (and yes, I know, we could probably have gotten all three chairs she bought in the back of her car on one day... but as I've said before, I've been working her up to this for YEARS, so this is actually less painful). But as we have done every single time since Ma bought the two dining chairs a little while back, we ummed and ahhhed about whether the appropriate wood was beech or birch.

Seriously though, could they not have called them something else... something that wasn't almost identical! I don't care what trees they're made out of, don't give two colours that are pretty identical pretty identical names... it's confusing and annoying.

And in keeping with the theme of the day, we chose the wrong colour chair. Birch instead of beech.

So guess who's going back first thing tomorrow morning to swap it over... *le sigh*

I am hoping that that's it for the failure for today... for the whole weekend in fact...

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