two thousand

two thousand postsDrum roll please... today's post marks yaniblog's 2000th post... all in the space of 4 years, 4 months and 1 day (that's an average of about 9 posts a week).

And as always these milestone posts cause me to reflect somewhat on the blog in general... in between trying to work out if a post about posting is actually a valid thing to post about... since I think I said most of what was on my mind regarding this blog back in July.

I did some calculations earlier, lumped some blogging labels in together and got a little carried away...

Nutritional Information
Servings Per Pack: 1
Serving Size: 2000 posts
Avg qty
per serve
% RDI*
per serve
Featured Photos, Photo Friday & Street Art (inc 2% Benzo)65833%
Excursions (inc Sydney & Melbourne), Shopping & Special Day45723%
Memes, Quizzes & Unconscious Mutterings44222%
Pop Culture, Books, Movies & DVDs33217%
About Me, Exposing Myself, Hair Adventures & Work31916%
General Randomness (inc random randomness)30715%
Observations, Thoughts On & Montage Musings23512%
Random Hotness22011%
Men, Gay & Saunatime1387%
Blog Stuff, Templates and Beast985%
* Based on an average adult diet.
Your daily intake make be higher or lower depending on your energy levels.

I worked out some interesting but not overly surprising things... firstly that there's a hell of a lot of image action going on here at yaniblog, and I only talk specifically about men, sex and "gay stuff" about 7% of the time.

It also made me think about other blogs around the place... people that have completely gone (Larry, Andrew) and people who are gone in all but name (Tom, Monty, Tony).

It's hard work, this blogging thing... not that I don't enjoy it, but I do spend a goodly amount of time writing things up... time that I'm sure I probably just used to waste watching teevee or diddling around on other websites, but still.

Some of the "highlights" of the past 2000 posts (caution: list may not contain actual highlights):
So now I have to start the next thousand posts...

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Tom said...


No, that wasn't actually very good really was it...

Not gone for ever, though I'm enjoying the break. Those in the 21st century can find me on Twitter. ;)

Anonymous said...

Big congratulations on 2000 posts!!!

cheers, Paul


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