busy sunday with brunch and calendar

the brunch bookOy... what a day! Not bad, just busy for a Sunday.

I spent most of the morning tidying up around my apartment... while I hadn't let it go the entire time it's been hot, it was looking the worse for wear after the last few days, so I put some things away, sorted out some papers, made a V flavoured jelly (which could be a symphony of wrong), put the fan and the cooler away for the time being (in fact today was the first day in a good long while that I haven't had both of them running all day and night) and generally sorted out my living space.

Then after I'd had a shower and was about to sit down and fiddle around with Beast, I got a call from Ash. We'd arrange to meet for brunch while he was here, and he was in North Adelaide... actually he was at the end of my street. So I went down the road and we had some bunch in the cafe on the corner.

It was good to catch up with him, even if, as I mentioned to him, he seemed shorter than I remembered (which was mostly because I think this is the first time that I've ever seen him in such low shoes)... I think quite possibly I talked too much, but conversation was never difficult as it can sometimes be when you catch up with somebody you haven't seen in years and years and year.

Once we were done I wandered off to get a paper and some mid afternoon snackage (as well as rescuing a poster for Bison from the wall as I went past), then spent most of the afternoon working on Ma's 2010 calendar....

2010 calendarA very different format this year... new font, new orientation, the whole deal. Actually switching over to having images arranged horizontally was a bit of a bugger, because I'd taken a bunch of shots in Melbourne that were specifically portrait orientation to use for the calendar... but since Ma doesn't actually use the dates spaces as actual dates I figured this looked pretty good.

It also means that I finally have to hook my multifunction printer/scanner/copier up to Beast so I can print it out.

But now it's suddenly 6pm and have no idea where the hell the day went too...

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Lacarian said...

This sounds like a really beautiful day! Meeting old friends, brunching together, eliminating chaos *lol

The calendar, you make for your Ma, looks impressing nice! I like both the outfit and the design! Sure she will happy about!

Have a nice day (send me some sunshine, you seem to have it in abundance.) ;-)

Greetings from cold Europe


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