photo friday: wet and dry

wet and dry... believe it or not there are actually raindrops on the rose leavesThis shot pretty much sums up the last couple of days... or it would if you could see the raindrops on the dried up roses more clearly...

It's been dry... and now it's wet...

Things that brightened my day:
  • The fact that it's Friday
  • Cargo Shorts Guy at the traffic lights wearing one baby blue and one hot pink ankle sock
  • Epaulette Shirt Guy on the bus who was listening to the Moulin Rouge soundtrack (homo much?)
  • Bare calves (the leg kind, not the bovine kind), long torsos, dreadlocks and boys in fedoras
  • The four guys gambolling in and out of sprinklers like puppies first thing this morning... two of them were shirtless and one had his pants hanging down below his ass
  • Work Bear Guy... even if he does essentially wear the same outfit every day (see my earlier point about calves and fedoras)
  • Summer rain... big fat warm raindrops
  • H-San and Sugarmonkey picking on me (weird but true)
  • Blonde Hipster Guy at the supermarket in a red teeshirt and lowslung tight jeans with rips in interesting places
  • Finding #2-5 of the Buffy Season 8 graphic novels on the doorstep when I got home
  • A random early evening hookup who's on his way over as we speak

Things that did not brighten my day:
  • An email at work from a woman with way too much time on her hands who we assume had been fired from her job and now wants to make "trouble"
  • Coming home to a stuffy house
  • People who can't put correct links into webpages
  • Getting caught out in the big fat summer rain, and the humidity that followed
  • People being all in my way and stuff either because it's raining or because we've passed the Christmas Pagent and entered the stupid season
  • CSS
  • Who the hell leaves a parcel on somebody's doorstep the whole day... especially a day when rain was forecast... but really, anybody could have come along and walked off with it, and there goes $95...
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Mind Of Mine said...

I have always liked this blog.

I like it even more now that i know you love BUFFY!!


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