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rundle mall starI had a little tantrum at work today. Actually, it wasn't really that little since I ended up leaving at lunch time and taking a "Mental Health Afternoon".

I don't really know where it all came from either... I mean I've been tired all week long, but I've been similarly tired for a while now and still manage to function... but I've been tired and irritable and flat all week long, and today just took the cake.

So I was already slightly pissed off when I got to work (although, like I said, I couldn't tell you why)... then Lucrezia turned up early for once and proceeded to have an incredibly annoying and repetitive conversation with the annoying Mr Beige for about 25 minutes... except it was only about 5 minutes worth of conversation, they just had it five times because she's a control freak and he's a moron.

Short version is, it was doing my head in.

So by the time Sugarmonkey came in I was deep in headphone mode... double headphone mode actually, which I never do. This did improve somewhat when Sugarmonkey told us that Mrs Sugarmonkey is expecting a Little Sugarmonkey.... awww bless.

Later in the morning I went over to speak to one of the others in the team and Lucrezia and I got into an argument... and I could just feel the red mist come down over my brain... I was monumentally livid, and even just recalling it to write about it now my heart rate has increased and I can feel the rage bubbling up.

Shortly after that we were supposed to be having a staff meeting... but I was still incredibly angry, so I just took myself out of the equation... I didn't go to the meeting and just sat with my earphones in trying to concentrate on what I was doing. But of course I couldn't...

So while everybody was away I decided that I'd just call it a day and leave at lunchtime... I had kinda hoped to leave before they all got back from the meeting, but it didn't quite work out that way. Instead of making a big production about it I sent an email to La Ninj, said a brief farewell to Sugarmonkey and walked out the door.

As I headed towards the Mall I just slowed my walking and slowed my breathing (kinda like I'm trying to do right now in fact) and felt myself start to calm down.

I then proceeded to wander around the Mall for a couple of hours. I didn't really buy anything, although I did go and get two gift vouchers for H-San's birthday next week. I'm not sure my Present Radar was working at 100% efficiency, I split the money between two places and hopefully I picked the right place for the second one.

And even though it was kinda hot and muggy and there were people getting in my way and whatnot, it was still a million miles better than sitting at work stewing.

I also stopped off at the World AIDS Day stall in the middle of the mall and bought a couple of rubber bracelets and got a couple of free calico bags. I like free things, especially when I'd assumed I'd have to pay for them and was more than willing to do so.

So yeah... a very cranky day...

There was a walking cliché on the bus this morning... well dressed business woman in her mid twenties reading Twilight. Reading it while standing up on the bus mind you. But it was when she saw somebody she knew across the aisle and had to share the fact that she's been to "facility management training" the night before and just wanted to "sit in the corner and read" that I wanted to smack her upside the head. I know I've read the book, but it was average at best.

I also managed to solve an ongoing problem this afternoon too. On Wednesday ABC2 lost it's sound on my box... in the space between me watching a program and then flicking to another station and back again. Very annoying! So this afternoon I made the system do an auto search (once I worked out what the hell the password protecting the option was... thank the gods for 0000 passwords), and hey presto, all fixed.

Now all I need is to get enough sleep this weekend.

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The Time Boy said...

Hey Yani, bit new to blogging but found your site via someone else's that we both subscribe too. I've really enjoyed reading it over the last few weeks, is so well put together, interesting and entertaining.

Sorry to hear about your day at work - I identify entirely and agree sometimes just removing yourself is the best solution. Hope you felt better this morning after a sleep and your weekend is much happier whatever you have planned, cheers.

yani said...

You know what's odd about your "removing yourself" line... La Ninj said almost exactly the same thing in her reply to my email.


Glad you're enjoying the blog though!


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