unconscious mutterings 357

Today had a touch of awkward about it... not as much as I thought it might, but it was still a little weird.

My main problem though was staying awake... seriously, I found myself continually nodding off all day... bad....

Unconscious Mutterings...

  1. MacGyver :: Making a thermonuclear device out of a plastic bottle and a couple of paper clips
  2. Garter :: Belt
  3. Wedge :: Heels
  4. Inches :: The only way to measure a penis
  5. Code :: Red
  6. Water :: Torture
  7. Running :: Man
  8. Curly :: Larry and Moe
  9. Turkey :: Christmas
  10. Stupor :: Drinking yourself into a

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Victor said...

If I can be so bold can I comment that your new layout is clearer than the previous one but now looks sadly sterile.

I miss the colourful side panels of your previous layout.

At least the content retains your inimitable style.

yani said...

You're entitled to say whatever you like Victor (just as I'm entitled to ignore the bits I might not like)... although you were a bit quick off the mark in saying it... didn't even give me a chance to finish typing up the post about the new template...

If I do end up hanging onto this template for as long as the last one (a month shy of three years) it'll go through some changes... after all, when I first swapped over the the last template it took me four months before it stopped looking like a trainwreck and I settled on the design I ended up with and kept.

Victor said...

Ahh...then I shall watch the work in progress.


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