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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

things that i love... tickets... and that particular colour of greenRemember last year when I was feeling all cultured and shit because I bought tickets to three different shows during the Feast Festival...

Well fast-forward twelve months and you'll find me much less impressed. I picked up the Feast program over the weekend (during an unblogged and unremarkable sauna visit) and flicked through it, ready to spank my credit card a little in order to see as much legitimate theatre and I could. But sadly the program seems very light on this time around, and especially light on for things I would consider going to see.

I mean, it's great that they're having Nick Christo return with his Fabulous Frances Faye show... but after being serenaded during the Cabaret Festival, I don't think I need to see it again (although rereading my review, I did say I'd like to see Nick again... I'm adding the caveat "in something else" to it). It's a shame they didn't manage to get The Twink And The Showgirl back... since I didn't get to see that during the Cabaret Festival (plus it seems to be doing the rounds of the other gay festivals).

And the film section seems particularly light on this year...

In the end I settled for going to see Bison, from Focus Theatre who did Blowing Whistles last year (and the spectacular Lachlan Mantell from Whistles is joining the cast for the Adelaide season)... mostly because I really enjoyed their previous production, but if I'm being honest... it also seems wrong somehow to go to a performance during Feast and NOT see doodle... *grin*.

So anyway, I got my ticket for that at lunch yesterday (which is when I got rained on), and when I got home I found that my free double pass for Moon was waiting for me in the letterbox. Yesterday was definitely a red letter day for tickets...

I was also excited to see that my long-lost friend Ash is coming to town to take part in the "Literature Weekend"... being held at Saldechin (which should make for some very cool ambience). I'm assuming he's going to be reading from The Shallow End (unless there's something new on the horizon)... and we're going to catch up for dinner while he's here, so that should be fun.

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