photo friday: altered sky

altered skySometimes combining a fairly average sky shot (snapped on the way home tonight) with Photoshop's "Auto Levels" function produces unexpected and somewhat spectacular results...

It's been a very, very long and very, very dull week I have to say... I very much miss H-San, not because work isn't okay with just Sugarmonkey (we went and got some very lackluster gelato this afternoon... won't be going back there ever again... but the place we used to go has changed owners and doesn't seem to be stocking gelato anymore)... but it's just very different with only the two of us around.

I got all inspired yesterday and went over to the Market with the express aim of buying a bunch of stuff to make into something for dinner... I did fail to take a bag over with me though which resulted in me ending up with a somewhat useless string bag (they stretch when you put any weight in them, who knew). I also bought a bag of tomatoes, a container of olives, an eggplant, a zucchini, a capsicum and a big punnet of strawberries... so that was dinner pretty much sorted.

When I got home I chopped everything up nice and small, added some mushrooms that were already in my fridge and an onion and ended up with a variation on ratatouille. When it was just about ready I stuck a sliced chicken breast in the pan to semi poach and boiled up some pasta. I was very pleasantly surprised how tasty it ended up being, and I had more than enough of it left to stick in the freezer.

With working full time and too much laptop action and just generally being fairly lazy, it's been a long while since I actually made something completely from scratch... and I enjoyed it a lot.

And as always, the strawberries got sliced up, sprinkled with balsamic vinegar and a little icing sugar and fermented away in the fridge... mmmm yummy.

But enough with the gastronomical recap...

At some point earlier this week I booked myself in for a haircut after work today... I've been struck with a massive case of hair ennui/angst of late though. I really, really, really want to do something radically different with my hair, but since there are only two real choices, cut it all off or grow it longer, I'm in a bit of a quandary.

Fortunately, because I now have The Fabulous Tink back as my hairdresser, I can explore these options with somebody who knows my hair. We actually ended up trying the "tidy it up with the plan of growing it" option... although that lasted about as long as it took Tink to cut my hair... because I pretty much hated the result.

So we went with the "let's cut it really, really, really, really short" option. Technically it could probably be even shorter than it is, but it definitely falls under the "very short" category. And it's a tiny bit Tintin... with a slight upflick at the front.

The idea of growing it out still appeals though... perhaps I'll start before Winter next year, because I know that it's going to take me a very long time to grow it out to the length I want... the last time I tried it I never really got to a stage where it was all one length, so I ended up bleaching a massive stripe into the side of it and then got the hairdresser I had before Tink to just chop the whole lot off.

While Tink was doing the cutting thing, we did a bit of a Readers Digest catch up (the adbridged version)... although, really, there isn't all that much stuff that has happened in my life since Tink left at the end of February. But it was nice to hear about all her adventures (and that she was still with the same guy that she went over there with).

Okay, brief aside... I bought a Hot-Can the other week... sadly I couldn't get the hot chocolate that I really wanted, so I bought a cafe latte one instead... and I just set it off. Can I just say that there is something monumentally wrong about drinking hot coffee from a can... it doesn't taste too bad though... although it's just coffee really. Sadly, because of the huge heating thing in the middle of the can, you do get somewhat jipped on the amount of drink in the can.


Oh, in the "WTF?" column... I saw a guy (at least I assume it was a guy) walking down the Mall at lunch today wearing a gorilla suit and a backpack (because, obviously, you have to have somewhere to store your gorilla suit on your way into the city)... but he had to be very warm in there, because I was wearing my new brown shirt with the sleeves rolled up and I was slightly warm. Then on my way to get some dinner after my haircut I saw this skinny little emo boy in some kind of fancy dress outfit... it was blue and gold and it kinda looked familiar (I'm thinking some sort of anime character, but nobody instantly recognisable)... again with a backpack.

People are just weird...

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Bodhi said...

Just the other day here in Newtown I saw three twink uni types walking down the main shopping strip of King Street ... dressed all in black with stiletto's, fishnet stockings and gloves, speedo's and long-haired wigs, and of course full make-up. No-one batted an eye. It was 1.20pm in the afternoon ... I luurve my neighbourhood :-)


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