not much to report saturday

supermarket dudeTo be honest there really isn't that much shopping news to report...

We did the usual Supermarket Safari this morning... blah blah blah... came back here where I cleared out my freezer (because seriously it was a trainwreck and I had no idea what the hell I had in there... on the upside there was much more steak than I thought I had... on the downside, I hate unmarked ziplock bags), then headed down to Arndale.

The fact that it's October and they already have Christmas decorations out is just flat out wrong... of course that didn't stop us from having a good look at them... we probably spent longer than usual wandering around Big W... although not at the DVD's, which is what we usually waste time on in there...

So yeah... much wandering about and looking at stuff... we picked up a photo frame for the Japanese name calligraphy we got at the St Kilda Market... only one, just to try it out... and it still wasn't quite right, but Ma seemed happy with it, so she took that one and I'll keep looking for something for mine.

We swung back past my place to drop stuff off, then headed into town for a bit of a wander before heading off to see Moon (woohoo free tickets).

Actually we went tyre kicking at Optus World... I really need a new phone... not so much because there's anything wrong with the actual phone part of my existing one (other than it being three and a half years old), but the battery only lasts about a day and a half before it needs charging which is highly annoying.

But I have to say that I wasn't overly impressed with the majority of the new phones either. I want one that has the whole GPS/map thing and I prefer Nokias (partly because it's the brand I've been using for the last three phones... I think it's three anyway... so I'm just used to them)... and while there's the Navigator, it's kinda ugly and a weird shape. Phone Shop Boy did kind of suggest the iPhone as far as something that has the whole map thing going on, but it costs over and above the plan, so that pushes it much further down the list (although oddly enough I don't really mind the Nokia 5800, which is essentially "iPhone Lite").

I do wonder though how they can afford to allow you to have $330 worth of phone calls for only $49 a month. How the hell does that make them money? Plus there isn't even the vaguest possibility that I would ever come close to spending that much in a month... even when you add in phone calls, text messages and picture messages. There has to be some sort of catch somewhere... but buggered if I can work out what the hell it is (I'm assuming it basically amounts to them hideously overcharging you for both the plan and the phonecalls).

Anyway a new phone is definitely somewhere on the horizon... I just need to do some looking around and work out what's the best phone for what I want (Ma will just end up getting the same phone as me, because as I've said before, it just makes my life easier... plus she really doesn't care so long as it does phone things).

So after a couple of other detours (including me going back down to the car so that we would have enough time left on the ticket) we wandered down to the Palace Nova to make with free movie action (more on that shortly).

I did notice that because I was wearing my Soundwave teeshirt today, I definitely got some stares as we were headed down Rundle Street... in fact two guys who were waiting to cross the road at the same time as us weren't even subtle about it... I saw one of them say something to his buddy as I was approaching, and then the friend did the very obvious "look round" thing. I just pretended I didn't realise they were doing it.

Anyway, after 97 minutes of movieness we headed back to the car and then came back here.

And that's pretty much been my day up until now.

Oh, I did discover when we got back that the big, expensive flame kite that hangs over my bed had fallen off the wall at some point this afternoon... there are two black rubber rings that help to hold part of the frame and the strings and whatever together, and because it's been hanging on my wall for months and months and months and months, the rubber had degraded and basically fell apart. Bummer. They did just look like little plumbing washer things though, so I don't know that it's that tragic. The kite definitely needs a good clean (or failing that, a good hard fly) though.

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Tom said...

iPhones are fantastic, you'd love them. :)

Anyway... the telcos make money because phone calls cost them less than nothing. Phone calls between their own network cost absolutely nothing to them, and the wholesale rates to and from other networks are low unless they terminate overseas. Vastly inflated "included call $$$" are a marketing scam. Wow! $350 in included calls! But actually calls are priced about $1.50/min so once you go over the limit it's very expensive. The practice was outlawed in europe and they have to have included minutes rather than included dollars.

PS - don't you love it that now I've closed my own blog I've taken to writing long comments on everyone elses? ;)

yani said...

See I knew the iPhone zealots would come out of the woodwork when I mentioned the little black obelisk... :P

And yes, I do love that you write long comments everywhere (well, here mostly, what do I care about other people's blogs ;P)... it lets me know that you're still alive and kicking... although I didn't know that you'd officially closed your blog down *makes very very sad face*... *rereads the most recent post on the blog and makes more sadface*

Tom said...

Yup, alive and kicking. I'm sure the blog will come back at some stage. If not I'll send you the link to my food blog when I launch it. :)

But join twitter already would you? :P


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