wednesday musing: fractured lego tales

lego - fractured tales - the monster and the artist
"Yes, I've created a monster... but I'm not sure about the green..."

It's been a hell of a week, and it's only Wednesday...

Work has been completely insane, not only was I running around kind of doing the work of three people for the first two days (okay, maybe two or two and a half at the most), but today we got a new staff member and guess who's looking after her... yep, me.

She's a lovely girl though, so it could definitely be worse. It has left me a little bit frazzled though.

lego - fractured tales - red and the wolf
"Come here you horrible wolf and let me show you what a big axe I have!"

On the up side tonight I booked the flight for our trip to Melbourne in August... I also started looking at hotels and bought tickets to see the Hollywood Costume exhibition at ACMI.

It's only four days... well, two whole days and two half days... but we haven't been to Melbourne since the beginning of last year.

Now I just need to work some Google-Fu and see if there's anything else on at the same time that could be fun to do.

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