adelaide's big walls

store's big eared girlrone's alley girl

tradeshall wallfredrock's masterblaster

kab101's kalligraphyvans the omega's freestyle freehand

beastman's tradeshall slantdreaming

shape of a ladylister's ballerina

beastman's topham mall scrollpsycho dollar
This weekend, as part of the Oi You Urban Art Festival, there were a number of street artists around the city working on some large scale murals.

There were also four Big Walls Adelaide Tours of the new pieces, led by a number of the street artists themselves. While I didn't go along on the tour, I did spend my lunch break today retracing it's steps with a little help from the tour map and found all of the new pieces.

And honestly, it just made me happy... seeing so much new colour, new art, new passion out on the streets just lightened my heart.

Of all of the pieces, I think that Beastman's two pieces... the colours of both pieces, but especially the horizontal piece in Tradeshall Lane.

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