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sydney tall shiplego brick show ship
The blog has been quieter than usual this week, partly because not a whole lot has been going on, but mostly because I've spent every evening this week working on a Doctor Who cross stitch pattern to give to Ma for her birthday.

At this point I'm most of the way through the TARDIS, and then I have the Tenth Doctor and four of his companions (Tyler, Jones, Noble and Song) to do. And two weeks to do it in. Nothing like leaving everything til the last minute. It looks pretty good so far, although I did realise as I filled in the white windows on the TARDIS that I think my fabric is a little too close to white. It should be okay though... it looked better once I started to fill in the blue of the TARDIS.

When I was laying in bed this morning I suddenly heard a little beep noise which didn't register at first, but then it happened again and I realised that it was the noise that the smoke alarm makes after it's gone off and you hit the reset button. It then continued to do this for another five minutes or so until I had to get out of bed to investigate. In the end I got up on my little step ladder and opened the box and pressed the reset button and after one final beep it stopped. Whether the backup battery is finally running down or not I don't know... I'll have to have another look when there's more light and I haven't just woken up but I couldn't even see where you would change a battery...

Seriously, all I want in life is peace and quiet in and around my apartment and if it's not noisy neighbours, it's dripping taps (which has been quiet for most of the week with the odd lapse here and there) and now suddenly it's a dying smoke detector.

FML! (Yes, I know, it could be 1000 times worse, but let me have this little bit of drama).

Work has still been fairly chaotic this week... I swear, there's an extra person around who I'm giving some of my tasks to, I'm not actually doing any of the extra tasks I picked up when we shuffled jobs around, and yet I'm still chasing my tail all week long. It's nuts. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy being busy, but every now and again I'd just like a little less crazy time.

I also went out to the suburbs with H-San to give a presentation... and I was the navigator... now I maintain that I got us to where we needed to go, twice. If you have a meeting request that has a particular location listed, then it makes perfect sense that that is the place that you direct the driver to, even if it turns out that Google Maps points you to the wrong place.

If someone decides to put the wrong address in the location field but the right address in the body of the email, I don't think I can be held responsible for that one.

I did then find the correct address and get us there... a little bit late perhaps, but nobody but H-San seemed particularly bothered. It will be some time before I hear the end of that though.

I came home tonight to find my Ridge front pocket wallet in the letterbox... I think it's going to take a little bit of getting used to, especially with ease and speed with which I'll be able to access the right card at the right time... but I've been putting my regular wallet in the front pocket of my pants for a while now (when I remember at least), and it just takes up too much room, so this should be a nice alternative.

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