photo friday: beach boys

golden manly rockscheck blue shorts

sea spraycurly board rider

dolphin rocksgolden beach boy back

It's been another slightly manic week... more so in the first half of the week where it felt like everybody wanted a piece of me.

And more than a bit of it has been about social media... from presentations for a meeting next week, to giving advice, to attending a SocMed Adelaide session this afternoon. I did have one of those moments during the meeting where I was giving advice where you suddenly realise you actually know a whole lot of crap and most of it has come tumbling out of your mouth.

The SocMed session was kind of interesting... I'm not sure that I learned all that much stuff that I didn't already know, however some of it was mentioned in slightly new ways. And I also finally got to meet one of my longtime Twitter buddies in the flesh as well as seeing a couple of others in the room. So that was nice.

I've also spent a number of lunchtimes popping in and out of Myer, hoping against hope that they'd release Series 10 of the Lego minifigures... alas, no such luck... although they did move the toy department down to the ground floor yesterday, so at least I don't have to go as far to check.

I should have gotten laid tonight... I've been chatting with this guy on and off all week and right up until lunch time today we'd made a plan to get together tonight... then nothing...

It's one of those things that really annoys me... you want to flake out, sure, go right ahead. But just say something... anything. Or if you have no intention of following through, don't make the promise in the first place.


There's been a weird dripping noise coming from somewhere other than my apartment on and off for a few weeks... originally I thought it was just my stupid neighbours not turning taps off properly, but it turned into a constant thing at some point on Saturday. It definitely started to drive me all kinds of insane, and I had to run my evaporative cooler for a couple of nights just so I could get to sleep.

I put off calling the Land Agent, because really, what can they do about a neighbour's tap? But the longer it went on, the worse it was getting and the more insane I was getting, so in the end I really didn't have a choice. I was kind of expecting it to be a long drawn out thing, but I called the agent and they said they'd get onto it... then the plumber called me around lunchtime and by the time I got home there was silence.

Granted my brain keeps inventing dripping sounds, so I'm still a little paranoid, but it seems to be fixed.

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Darryl Iorio said...

Nice beach and back pics! Heh. It looks like a good place to catch some waves. I suddenly miss my board...

That dripping sound can really drive you crazy, especially when it’s hitting a metal surface and it’s 3AM in the morning. It got to a point when my faucet won’t stop doing it, I placed a sponge under it before going to sleep, just so I wouldn’t hear that blasted dripping. It became too much of a habit, that I do it even though the faucet’s not leaking anymore. At least I can sleep undisturbed. :)

Darryl Iorio


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